What’s in the box this week?

To mark the coming of Spring – the “Derech Hashatil” Nursery in Shoham is offering a planting kit of organic summer vegetables for your home garden. This special nursery grows organic vegetable plants in cooperation with the Shekel non-profit organization, employing only special-needs individuals. Derech Hashatil produces excellent quality organic plants for your vegetable patch, placing top priority on the quality and health of the plants. The summer vegetable collection includes five seedlings from each of these vegetables: melon, bell peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Cost per kit: 132 NIS.

To order, either send an email or a text message to Chubeza, and we will send the kit along with your next Chubeza delivery.


This week we did not manage to write a Newsletter, but we shall resume regular publication next week. In the meantime, we wish everyone a good week and a smooth Return to Routine Life! And a hearty Chag Sameach greeting to our Thai workers who last week celebrated the Thai New Year which begins in spring! From all of us at Chubeza



Tuesday: cilantro/dill, zucchini, Romaine lettuce/leaf lettuce, cucumbers, kohlrabi/artichoke, tomatoes, cabbage, leek/onions, cherry tomatoes/fava beans, carrots, beets.

Large box, in addition: cauliflower/broccoli, celery, fennel

Wednesday: Fennel, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, Romaine lettuce/leaf lettuce, cabbage, beets, leeks/fresh onions, artichokes. Small boxes only: coriander/dill.

Large box, in addition: Fava beans/cherry tomatoes/green garlic, kohlrabi, cauliflower/Swiss chard, celery.

And there’s more! You can add to your basket a wide, delectable range of additional products from fine small producers: flour, fruits, sprouts, honey, dates, almonds, garbanzo beans, crackers, probiotic foods, dried fruits and leathers, olive oil, bakery products, apple juice, cider and jams, dates silan and healthy snacks and goat dairy too! You can learn more about each producer on the Chubeza website. On our order system there’s a detailed listing of the products and their cost, you can make an order online now!