Welcome to our open day – this Tuesday

We would like to remind you that this week of Chol HaMoed, there will be no deliveries. Instead, you are most welcome to come and visit us on our Open Day, Tuesday, October 18th, the 20th of Tishrei (fifth day of Chol HaMoed), between 11:00-16:00.

The Open Day gives us a chance to meet, tour the field, and nibble on vegetables and other delicacies. Children have their own tailor-made tours designed for little feet and curious minds, plus activities and a vast space to run around and loosen up.  (So can the adults…)

You’ll be able to buy freshly-picked vegetables as well as additional products such as our wonderful honey, sprouts, granola and cookies, dates, crackers, fruit leathers, dried fruits and more.

Driving instructions and detailed maps are on our website under “About Us.” Please make sure you check it out before heading our way. BUT, please listen closely to the traffic updates. In case the road from Latrun is jammed, take the Lod exit (one exit to the west) instead and drive to us via Ramla.

And since you’ll be in the vicinity, check out the great second-hand book sale at the “Itamar Bookstore” in Beit Hashmonai. Details (in Hebrew) here.

We join in the excitement and hopes that Tuesday will bring freedom and re-union to Shalit family and to us all. May our Sukka be one of peace-shalom!

See you soon!

Alon, Bat-Ami and the Chubeza team