Post-Purim- What’s In Your Boxes

We remind you that for the third year in a row, Asaf and Arik from “Minhat Ha’aretz” offer their handmade Matzot shmurot made from Israeli organic wheat. This year they are selling crispy or soft matzot, as well as handmade matzot from spelt flower (non-organic). Click this info page for further details (in Hebrew).

Prices: 125 NIS per kg organic wheat shmura matza, 140 NIS per kg spelt matza. For orders: email or text us by March 27th. The matzot will arrive at your home the week before the holiday (April 7 or 9)

Chag Sameach!


Last week’s showers made us super happy. The field received good quantities of precipitation, and we entered Purim on a light, albeit muddy, step.

Last week we somehow took a glimpse at the leftover Chubeza calendars on hand, and in the spirit of Purim, we’ve decided to send them to those of you who joined after we distributed the beautiful calendars at the beginning of this year. Since we don’t have enough for all you newcomers, again- in the spirit of Purim, the distribution will be according to lottery (or luck, since we don’t really know how to conduct an actual lottery). Enjoy!

We are still getting over Purim, wine, costumes, and parades, so this week we will make do with only the list of vegetables filling your boxes.

Happy Post-Purim!



Monday: Cauliflower, fennel/beets, lettuce/red lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, garlic chives/fresh garlic, cucumbers, dill/coriander, peas/ snow peas.  Small boxes only: celery/celeriac, fava beans/garden peas

Large box, in addition: Parsley, leeks, spinach/mizuna/bok choy, carrots, purple or white cabbage

Wednesday: beets/carrots/radishes, garlic chive/green garlic, cucumbers, cauliflower, cilantro/dill/parsley, fava beans/garden peas, snow peas, Romaine or red leaf lettuce, celery/spinach, tomatoes, small boxes – broccoli or cabbage.

Large box, in addition: broccoli and cabbage, rucola, leeks.

And there’s more! You can add to your basket a wide, delectable range of additional products from fine small producers: flour, sprouts, fruits, honey, dates, almonds, crackers, probiotic foods, dried fruits and leathers, olive oil, bakery products, pomegranate juice and goat dairy too! You can learn more about each producer on the Chubeza website. On our order system there’s a detailed listing of the products and their cost, you can make an order online now!