August 17th-19th 2020

This week we’re taking a Newsletter break!

Next week the bakery is on a much-needed vacation, so no fresh loaves will be baked, but you can add the crackers, granola and spelt sticks – we have them in stock for you



Monday: Potatoes, lettuce/New Zealand spinach, corn, lubia Thai yard-long beans/ okra, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers/zucchini, slice of pumpkin, basil, eggplant, onions.

Large box, in addition: Butternut squash, cherry tomatoes/scallions, parsley/coriander.

FRUIT BOXES: Plums, apples, pears. Small box, in addition: Nectarines. Large box, in addition: Grapes

Wednesday: Potatoes, lettuce, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, slice of pumpkin, basil, eggplant, onions, parsley/coriander. Small boxes: lubia Thai yard-long beans/okra/bell peppers

Large box, in addition: Butternut squash, New Zealand spinach, lubia Thai yard-long beans/okra and also bell peppers

FRUIT BOXES: Plums, pears, apples/mango. Small box, in addition: Banana. Large box, in addition: Apples and mango


Our best wishes to Yochai and Oreen, who were the first to welcome many of you (by phone) to Chubeza, and this past Friday very happily welcomed their sweet, new little son! May they be blessed with close family ties and many hours of sleep…

Wishing everyone a good week!

From all of us at Chubeza