Aley Chubeza #160 May 27th-29th 2013

In honor of summer, Liron of “BioNatural” is offering a 50% discount on a special product: Candineta Herbal Tincture. Candineta helps balance candida levels in the body. This unique solution treats a range of different fungi, and works to reduce fatigue, headaches, and cravings for carbs.

Candida, or more exactly, candida albicans (candida has 150 strains) is a yeast fungus that exists naturally in the body and is a normal part of the colon. It may exist in small quantities on the skin, mouth and throat and vagina, which can become painfully infected.

Candineta, produced by “Netapharm,” contains six medicinal herbs: lapacho, oregano, lemongrass, bitter melon, una de gato and cinnamon, all antifungal plants. The tincture has been marketed for over eight years in 250 pharmacies.

In addition to Candineta, other tinctures are also on sale at 140 NIS instead of 170 NIS.

Liron established this project, which aims to prove the efficiency of natural products by research methods from the pharmaceutical realm, to create a change in the perception of natural products as being inferior to approved pharmaceuticals.

Thanks to all who purchased Liver Up and answered the questionnaires, adding their contribution to bolstering the efficiency of natural medicine.


The month has come to an end and we have charged your credit cards for your May purchases.

Remember, you are now able to view your billing history in our Internet-based order system. Simply click the new tab “דוח הזמנות ותשלומים” where the history of your payments and purchases is clearly displayed.

Please make sure the bill is correct, or let us know of any necessary revisions. At the bottom of the bill, the words סהכ לתשלום: 0 (total due: 0) should appear (after we’ve charged your card). If there is any number other than zero, this means we were unable to bill your card and would appreciate your contacting us. Our thanks!!

Note:  Chubeza bills all share the same title “Vegetables, Fruits, Dates.” Yet this does not mean that we are billing you for something you did not purchase. If you only receive vegetables from us, that’s all you pay for, no fruits or dates!


More of the Same

These last several weeks have brought a certain monotony to the boxes. For weeks on end, the list has featured cabbage, followed by beets, Swiss chard and other greens. Garlic has been another frequent flyer since spring, and   zucchini, although pretty new on the block, has been with us for a good while. Welcome to the changing of seasons…

If you come to visit us (please do!), you’ll meet a marvelous field – summer crops are in their glory, growing rapidly and beautifully. On Sunday, Muhammad expressed his amazement at the giant zucchinis that had not been picked the day before (Shabbat). In one day, they’d become enormous. The sun is hot and energizing, but not yet a knock-out, and the veggies are quite happy with that. But… there’s not much new to see in the box just yet. Some patience is called for, just for a few more weeks, till the long-awaited  arrival of the eggplant, melons, watermelons, winter squashes, and of course, the king… corn! All of them are presently investing their efforts in reaching the finals, and would appreciate your encouragement. Give them a warm round of applause, and whistles and cheers from the balcony, please!

We know it’s a boring time, maybe even a bit annoying, and we try to rejoice with the new friends that dot the box: the open-field cucumbers and fakus who arrived with the Festival of the First Fruits, our spring potatoes, making their debut last week, and the yellow and green beans that are on their way to this week’s boxes. (Meanwhile, we’re looking for more and more recipes for cabbage, zucchini and beets…)

We believe that this is also part of what Community Supported Agriculture means – A community that goes side-by-side with a farm, granting it economic stability, the ability to grow a wide range of crops, and to work with a stable, yearlong crew and not temporary seasonal workers. The meaning of your “share” as customers is that together we share and enjoy the abundance. And during the transition between seasons, we all meet the same veggies again and again… until the new vegetables arrive.

But renewal is really just around the corner…

We hope you’ll greet this week’s boxes with delight, and that your spirits won’t flag when you spot the cabbage waiting in the box… again… But soon it will be gone and we’ll start missing it, so give it one more smile…

Wishing you good days, filled with natural, gradual changes. Mind the hot sun, the cool air conditioner, and especially the sharp transition between the two…

Alon, Bat-Ami, Ya’ara and the Chubeza team (that are pretty tired of picking cabbage)



Monday: Lettuce, beets, coriander/dill, tomatoes, scallions/chives, garlic, cabbage, cucumbers/fakus, Swiss chard, potatoes, zucchini

In the large box, in addition: green/yellow beans, leeks, parsley

Wednesday: nana (mint), beets, cucumbers/fakus, spaghetti squash, cabbage, lettuce, zucchini, chive/scallions, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes.

In the large box, in addition: Swiss chard, leeks, parsley/cilantro