We’re picking up your empty boxes again!

As corona restrictions are lifting, we are delighted to reassume collecting your empty Chubeza cartons for us to recycle. Kindly leave them outside your door, and feel free to slit the tape and flatten them to save space. Our delivery people will pick them up when they deliver your boxes.

An additional announcement – From this week, the Izza-Peziza Dairy will attach to their products reusable ice-packs. Kindly return these ice-packs together with your empty Chubeza carton to enable Izza-Peziza to recycle them  for future use. Many thanks!


Blueberries! Yummy!!!

Over the past three years, on a small plot of land in Tekoa, Gadi and Tamar have been growing blueberry shrubs that paint their surroundings in glorious hues of blue and purple. Gadi Afik, an agronomist specializing in growing blueberries, is responsible for mushroom growing on the Tekoa farm. He works together with Tamir Deutsch, an organic farmer and owner of Helkat HaSadeh, an organic vegetable garden CSA. The two joined forces to confront the tough challenge of growing blueberries in Israel.

Blueberries need special conditions to grow. They grow best in acidic soil, which is why they are grown on a separate surface inside very large containers. Cold weather makes them happy, so frost warms Gadi and Tamir’s hearts.

Their blueberries, pesticide-free, boast a very high nutritional value rich in antioxidants, vitamins C and K and various minerals. Blueberries are said to prevent inflammation of blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, and are recommended as a fruit portion for diabetics thanks to their ability to reduce sugar levels in the blood.

And we haven’t said anything the taste…Words just can’t describe the goodness.

Blueberries – 20 NIS for 125 gr

You deserve a blueberry treat! Order this minute via our order system



To mark the renewed empty-box-pickup this week, we are pleased to send you a photo-newsletter featuring images we’ve collected over the years (mostly from our Chubeza clients) starring Chubeza Boxes as themselves!

In the Very Beginning, we used plastic boxes, still in use to this day for vegetable harvest and other random uses:

Talya, now 10 years old, joins a harvest day and chomps away on corn in a makeshift crib…

Then, too, we requested the empty plastic boxes be returned, but this became way too complicated and cumbersome. At times this necessitated special trips just for us to collect the containers, and even then many of those cherished boxes disappeared into thin air… So we switched to cardboard cartons. At first we would use hand-me-down boxes collected from the wholesale market. They came in a colorful array (but uniform sizes), which we received in a tall pile, tightly-tied:

Over the years our box demands grew and grew, until the market could no longer keep up with our quantities. We realized we would need to buy new boxes and attempt to have them returned for reuse. We worked on the graphic layout and finally reached the current design that adorns the vegetable boxes at your door each week.

We personally reuse the boxes for vegetable deliveries, but over the years we’ve learned that our clients have their own joyful ideas about how to recycle them. Here are a few examples:

Thank you kindly for your cooperation in returning the boxes to us over the years, and then cooperating by not sending them back in Corona days. We are now delighted to receive them again to repack with Chubeza’s delectable array of products.

We hope you are all in good health and wish everyone a gradual-but-good-and-effective Back to Normal at our own individual pace. Happy Lag B’omer!

Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Orin and the entire Chubeza team



Monday: Zucchini, potatoes, carrots/slice of pumpkin, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, green garlic/fresh onions, New Zealand spinach/Swiss chard/kale, parsley, lettuce, celery/parsley root.

Large box, in addition: Coriander/dill, long bell peppers/fakus, cabbage.

FRUIT BOXES: Bananas, nectarines/avocados, red grapefruit, apples.

Wednesday: Zucchini, potatoes, carrots, cabbage/slice of pumpkin, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes/cherry tomatoes, green garlic/fresh onions, New Zealand spinach/Swiss chard/kale, parsley, lettuce.

Large box, in addition: Coriander/dill, bell peppers/fakus, celery/parsley root.

FRUIT BOXES: Bananas, nectarines/avocados, red grapefruit, apples.