“Torshi” Tunisian Turnip Recipe – from “matkonim.net”

A winter salad, hot-bitter-tart, served with couscous and also excellent with hamin

Ingredients: 2 turnips 2 green chili peppers 4 cloves garlic 1 medium lime, or several Chinese lemons 1 T. Tunisian harissa 1 t. ground caraway seeds (kimmel) salt 2 T. regular oil

Preparation: Clean and wash turnips. Cut to thin slices, and then cut each slice into small triangles. Slice the pepper and cut in thick rings. Peel the lime, slice into large pieces, and crush into the vegetable mixture. If using Chinese lemons, slice into small cubes. Slice garlic thinly. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Salad is ready immediately, but it’s preferable to leave at room temperature overnight to enhance the absorption of the flavors.