Thank you for your visit on our Open Day Festival!

A Happy Start for Spring  

This week, we are delighted to add to Chubeza’s line of special products to add to your vegetable vegetable boxes the outstanding Cashew Cheeses prepared by Tal of Karmei Yosef, right near us. Tal’s personal story is special and inspiring:

Hello everyone, I am Tal Ron. My wife Limor and I, our five children and three granddaughters all live in Carmei Yosef.

During my wonderful life, I’ve worked in many professions, from being a film and television director, to a glass bead artist, through to becoming a sourdough bread baker. Today, I make a living from holding small events and workshops in our vineyard.

Several months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, which gave me the impetus to make a major change in my life: I threw out milk and gluten, started eating only organic vegetables, meditating, qigong, taking walks, and everything that could be done for my health. But slowly the lust for cheese crept in and began gnawing away at my stomach…

I began buying vegan cheeses, checking online recipes, and comprehending more about the production process. I then entered the kitchen and started an endless series of experiments, until I reached the final product. I did all this for myself, but the minute my friends began tasting my creations, the flow of cheese requests increased by leaps and bounds.

We are now taking another major step: After tasting the cheeses, Chubeza has willingly and enthusiastically agreed to offer you to enjoy the cheeses as well. I am very excited at this opportunity, and thank Chubeza from the bottom of my heart.

For me, cheese making has become a crucial part of my healing process, which is progressing well, thank God. I am treated only with plants, medicinal mushrooms and vitamins, which is why we called our cheese production B’shvil Habriut (“for health”).

B’shvil Habriut cheeses are available in five flavors: natural, garlic dill, fig, sun-dried tomatoes, and Kalamata olives. Each product weighs 180 grams, and costs 37 NIS. They will be sent to Chubeza customers frozen, to arrive in a cold, solid state. Keep them refrigerated. Just before being served, take the cheeses out of the fridge to enable them to be served soft.

May we all enjoy as much good health and happiness as ever. We hope you’ll enjoy our cheeses and will be happy to hear your comments: 0522771212.



What fun we — and you too, of course – had at our Open Day at the Farm last week! After a long, painful Corona-caused two-year break, this Open Day was a true cause for celebration in the field.

The truth is that this time I was really emotional (those who joined the first tour heard me get really choked up…). At Chubeza, we chose to grow vegetables, but also community. This twice-yearly event is important for us to emerge from the pleasant field bubble and personally meet the faces, voices, questions and thoughts of our members. The pandemic put a halt to this, and during the daily race it became hard for us to feel just how much this was lacking.

This year, from the minute we began preparations for the Open Day, I already felt us filling with energy and joy. When you started to arrive, with smiling faces and shining eyes, our hearts were overjoyed.

It is a true pleasure to thank all those involved in the planning and operation of the Open Day. Our great thanks to all the dedicated and wonderful Chubeza staff, without whom we could not have held the event.

To the field crew, who deftly set up and organized the entire area

To Majdi and Muhammad, who took command of the vegetable stand at the packing house.

To Shar, who washed and peeled and cut vegetables for yummy noshes.

To Einat, who, as always, helped to improve and repair all that was needed, headed the cooking corner, took photos, and more.

To Gabi, the amazing Tractor Driver who provided quite a few kids (and probably adults as well) an unforgettable experience.

To Talia and Noga, Bat-Ami’s daughters, who came in the morning to help with the organizing, prepared arts and crafts samples and headed the Art Corner with patience and kindness.

And, of course, to those of you who came. Thank you so much for attending, and thank you to everyone who introduced themselves. It’s always nice to connect there in person and get to know you really well, not just through correspondence or phone calls.

We had great fun! Hope you did too!

Wishing everyone a pleasant, calm return to Routine, and nice spring days. (Get out, go see and savor this amazing burst of Nature’s beauty!)

From all of us at Chubeza



Monday: Parsley root/celeriac/celery stalk, carrots, coriander/parsley/dill, cabbage/fennel, zucchini/slice of pumpkin, fresh garlic, Swiss chard/kale, fresh fava beans/snow peas or garden peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce/curly lettuce.

Large box, in addition: Beets, fresh onion bunch/leeks, potatoes/sweet potatoes.

FRUIT BOXES:  Pomelas, avocados, oranges, bananas, apples/pears.

Wednesday: Parsley root/parsley, carrots, coriande/dill, cabbage/fennel, zucchini/slice of pumpkin/snow peas or garden peas, Swiss chard/kale, fresh onion bunch/leeks, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce/curly lettuce, beets.

Large box, in addition: Celeriac/celery stalk, fresh garlic, potatoes/sweet potatoes.

FRUIT BOXES:  Pomelas/lemons, avocados, oranges, bananas/clemantinot, apples/pears.