September 11th-13th 2017 – With a little help from my friends

New Year Preparations – Changes in delivery dates over the holidays: 

  • – During the week of Rosh Hashanah: Wednesday delivery will be moved to Tuesday, September 19th and the ordering system will close (for that Tuesday) on Sunday, September 17th at 1:00.

– The week of Sukkot: Wednesday delivery will be moved to Tuesday, October 3, and the order system will close (for that Tuesday) on Monday, October 2 at 9:00 am.

– During Chol HaMoed Sukkot: There will be no deliveries, thus you will not be receiving boxes on Monday and Wednesday, the 9th and 11th of October

Back to normal schedule on the week after Sukkot and Simchat Torah.

If you wish to increase your vegetable boxes before the holidays, please advise as soon as possible.


Open Day at Chubeza In keeping with our twice-yearly tradition, we invite you for a Chol HaMoed “pilgrimage” to Chubeza to celebrate our Open Day. The Sukkot Open Day will take place on Tuesday, October 10, the 20th of Tishrei (fifth day of Chol HaMoed), between 12:00-5:00 PM. The Open Day gives us a chance to meet, tour the field, and nibble on vegetables and other delicacies. Children have their own tailor-made tours designed for little feet and curious minds, plus special activities and a vast space to run around and loosen up. (So can the adults…)

Driving instructions are on our website under “Contact Us.” Please make sure you check this before heading our way.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach and Shana Tova. We look forward to seeing you all!


Bon Appetite and enjoy!

This week we continue to introduce you to our associates, those whose products you are welcome to add to your boxes. All these enterprises and their products appear in our order system, and soon will be formally added to our website on the “Other Products” tab. They would all be delighted to establish direct contact with you, are happy to tell you about themselves and their products, answer your questions and explain how they work. Some will be attending our Open Day on Sukkot to get to meet you. We look forward to hosting you all!

So this week, we shall continue introducing you to the new kids on the Chubeza Associates block, beginning with Orly and Shachar who prepare amazingly delicious natural handmade honey candy.

Honey Candy

Orly and Shachar are close friends, he – an avid kitchen lover, she – a lover of sweets that are chemical-free. Their business evolved from a search for the nostalgic flavor of honey candies which actually contain honey, leading to combining their talents to reach a tasty, high-quality product. The results? Take a look in this week’s boxes for a delightful sample! Try one and savor the delicious flavor and the unforgettable taste of the honey candies of your childhood.

Here’s Orly and Shachar to introduce their product:

We make our honey candy out of pure natural products, by hand, candy by candy. They all contain pure honey and natural flavor concentrates, and come in the following flavors: Natural honey, mint honey (refreshing), aniseed honey (intriguing) and ginger honey (energizing).


Honey Candy comes in aluminum boxes (25 per box) that are easy to store, keep and take anywhere. (on extra hot days we recommend refrigeration)

B’Teavon! Orly and Shachar

Order Honey Candies via our order system at 38 NIS per box.


Last week we told you about Tomer and Hamutal, and this week Tomer informed us that two new ciders have joined their jolly crowd. Here are more details from Tomer:

Tomer and Hamutal’s Apples is a seasonal factory for fruit processing, i.e., we work alongside the farmer at the time of year when the fruit is harvested from the trees.

Our factory processes deciduous fruit – apples, pears and nectarines – all of which are summer fruit.

So what do we do in between seasons?

Well, we rest a little and plan the next season by renewing machinery, exploring various production processes and dreaming up new products to develop. This summer we are proud to introduce two new products: dry alcoholic apple cider and semi-dry alcoholic pear cider.

These two join the familiar alcoholic semi-dry apple cider which has been available from the Chubeza virtual shelf for almost a year.

The two new products are refreshing and summery, slipping across the tongue with a little sizzle and just the right level of sweetness. They’re perfect to enhance a meal or late afternoon indulgence on your porch. As always, all of our products are 100% fruit with absolutely no additives or artificial flavoring. Just pure fruit and yeast.

Don’t miss these great ciders, juices, jams and apple cider vinegar, all easy-to-order via our order system.

Eliezer and Rose of Shorshei Zion never sit still, and in honor of the New Year, they are offering two brand new granolas.

They’re called Grawnola that’s raw granola, and as such its basis is not oats but rather sprouted buckwheat. Each grawnola contains its own special healthy and tasty surprises which provide its unique flavor.

The two veteran grawnolas (Flavored Date-Walnut and Cocoa-Berry-Almond) are now joined by the Super Berry Grawnola, and in honor of Rosh Hashanah – Apple-Ginger Grawnola. In keeping with Shorshei Zion’s sterling reputation, these too are extra-special products, original and uncompromising: healthy, tasty and top quality.

The Grawnolas are a small part of the excellent Shorshei Zion line, made in a hidden factory in Beit Shemesh, joining the impressive assortment of raw foods that includes sprouted crackers, sprouted walnuts and almonds in various flavors, plus wonderful chocolate and dessert. Check out their products today via our order system.


Mi Pri Yadeha

After a short break over summer, Melissa is back with lots of sweet surprises – dried fruit and fruit rolls (“leather”) all produced from 100% fruit, with no additives, no sugar, no preservatives, but bursting with love, sunny summer, blessings and abundance. Now in stock: apricot fruit rolls, nectarine, plum and various flavor assortments, plus dried fruits including figs, apples, plums, peach and watermelons. Order them via our order system today!


 The Beit Lehem Bakery

We are excited to inform you that Ido of the Beit Lehem bakery is ready to start baking delectable sourbread loaves for you, be it from flour – spelt or rye, “clean” bread, or the kind laden with seeds and other surprises.

Take a look at the various breads to order via our order system.


Samar Dates

 Last but not least – our beloved Samar date supply is almost depleted, so don’t miss these great mouthwatering sweeties for the last time this season. As our stock dwindles, we are holding a sale: 1/2 kg dekel nur dates for 8.5 NIS and 1.5 kg for Zahidi dates for 7.5 NIS only!

May these dates sweeten your New Year and eradicate wrongdoings and bitter flavors!


Shana BaGina Calendars

 The New Year is around the corner and this is the last call for the spectacular Shana BaGina calendar. Only a very few copies remain available in Hebrew and English. This special calendar is in fact a monthly instructor on home gardening and Israeli harvesting. This year it comes in two new publications and two different languages: Chaverim Ba’Gina (Hebrew) and “The Porcupine Edition” (English).

More about these calendars on the Shana BaGina website.

Place your orders via our order system under “Chubeza Vegetables.”

To conclude this sweet newsletter, a little reminder regarding other associates: Udi’s Sprouts, The Izza Pziza Dairy, the Ein Harod Apiary and Field Crops, Tamir’s Honey, Minhat Ha’Aretz, Lev HaTeva and “Tahina”. At the same time, here’s hoping for a nice, easy farewell to 5777 and an exciting, joyful arrival of 5778.

Mazal Tov to Ali and Jihan who happily introduce their first son. Congratulations to Uncle Majdi and the proud grandfather, Mohammed.

Shavua Tov,

Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Yochai and the entire Chubeza team



Monday: Parsley/coriander, red bell peppers, scallions/leeks, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes/ cherry tomatoes/ potatoes, edamame (green soy) /okra, eggplant, slice of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, onions.

Large box, in addition: Corn/garlic, yard-long beans, New Zealand spinach.

Wednesday: Parsley/coriander, red bell peppers, scallions/leeks, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes/potatoes, edamame (green soy)/okra, eggplant/corn, slice of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, onions.

Large box, in addition: garlic, yard-long beans, New Zealand spinach.

And there’s more! You can add to your basket a wide, delectable range of additional products from fine small producers: flour, sprouts, honey, dates, almonds, garbanzo beans, crackers, probiotic foods, dried fruits and leathers, olive oil, bakery products, granola, natural juices, cider and jams, apple vinegar, dates silan and healthy snacks, ground coffee, tachini, honey candy and goat dairy too! You can learn more about each producer on the Chubeza website. On our order system there’s a detailed listing of the products and their cost, you can make an order online now!