Messages – August 5th-7th 2013

A few messages this week…

Dotan, a friend and farmer who runs a CSA in his organic farm in Kibbutz HaMa’apil, sent us an invitation to their Open Day next week:

Just after Tu B’Av and just before the summer’s end and back-to-school, we invite you to wear white and come dance in our field on our Open Day: Friday, August 16, the 10th of Elul, from 10:00-13:00. We will be delighted to host you and have you take part in:

  • Tours of the organic field
  • Various activities for the kidsVegetable picking
  • Mingling, noshing and soft drinks
  • A beautiful landscape and lots of fun

The open day is free! Come to Kibbutz HaMa’pil and follow the signs. Don’t forget your hats!

Take a look at this sweet field. Tell your friends and share!


Last week we charged your credit cards for July purchases.

Please note that July had five Mondays and Wednesdays, so most of you will have a higher bill than usual.

You are able to view your billing history in our Internet-based order system. It’s easy. Simply click the tab “דוח הזמנות ותשלומים” where the history of your payments and purchases is clearly displayed.

Please make sure the bill is correct, or let us know of any necessary revisions. At the bottom of the bill, the words סה”כ לתשלום:0  (total due: 0) should appear. If there is any number other than zero, this means we were unable to bill your card and would appreciate your contacting us. Our thanks!!


We did not have time to write a newsletter this week. But, we hope you’re enjoying your summer thus far, taking care of yourselves, keeping cool and drinking a lot.

Over the next six weeks or so, we will be taking a break from our lettuce, which are off for their summer vacation. The next round has already been planted, but it will only be ready for harvest in six weeks. We will miss these wonderful greens, and patiently await their return. Lettuce wish them all our best.


Monday: Parsley, pumpkin, bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, garlic chives, Small boxes only: corn, Thai yard-long beans/okra

In the large box, in addition: Spaghetti squash, nana (mint)/thyme, radishes/ leeks, Thai yard-long beans, okra

Wednesday: green onions/leek, a slice of pumpkin, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, dill/parsley, New Zealand spinach/Swiss chard/kale, corn, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, small boxes – Thai yard long beans or okra

In the large box, in addition: spaghetti squash / butternut squash, garlic chive, okra, yard long beans / potatoes