January 22nd-24th 2018 – Renewal!

The month of Shvat has arrived, a special joy to nature and to Chubeza clients!

This week we are excited to offer fruit boxes in addition to your vegetables. The boxes, containing fresh organic homegrown winter fruit, may be added via our order system under “Chubeza Vegetables and Fruit.”

Bon Appetit!


This week we begin delivering the weekly newsletter via a newsletter distribution system. Those of you who are already signed up for and receive the newsletter via email will hardly notice the subtle changes: some graphic variations in the titles and layout. But if you haven’t been receiving the newsletter by email, this is the time to welcome you, or rather, to hope you are welcoming us into your e-mailbox…

I have been writing a weekly newsletter for over 13 years, but till now we haven’t sent it to our clients in such a collective manner, only by request. Why is that? I’m not sure. Perhaps it is our natural recoiling from intruding on your privacy, an irritation we identify with… But over time, I began to feel that we were in fact making life harder for many of you by demanding yet another task in the sea of many small tasks which are components of your daily life. There were clients who weren’t even aware of a weekly newsletter, or others who knew but never got around to signing up. Others couldn’t figure out how to do it. Consequently, there were many times we felt we were shouting out a message which many of you never received.

Hence, as we have formally entered our “teens”, we are creating our own maturity process. Over the past months, our cyber-magician Talya has devised this enchanted postal pigeon that will fly to your mailboxes every Wednesday to deliver this newsletter communication between us. We will try to make you happy with stories from the farm and updates on its habitants, deliver important messages and joyful news. Hope you leave our pigeon some crumbs on the windowsill for sustenance as it flits on to the next member of our community.

Of course, if you do not wish to receive the newsletter, scroll down to the bottom of the message and simply click “unsubscribe.” But if you do make this decision, please check out our website from time to time to make sure you’re getting all the messages, especially before holidays when there are changes in delivery schedules.

If there are any hitches or problems with the new newsletter system, please inform us and we’ll rectify the situation. The Hebrew edition of our newsletter is published on Monday. The English translation is published on Wednesday.

Our website, too, has undergone a digital revival. Even if you were familiar with the old one, go ahead and check out the new version. It is now more user-friendly for Chubeza clients and friends. You can now easily find the weekly list of vegetables in your boxes, which we update immediately upon packing the boxes. The website also hosts our guide to vegetable storage vegetable storage tips, our harvest timetable chart (so you know when to expect specific vegetables) and an expanded section describing each of our various partners-in-crime, our affiliate producers  whose excellent products you can add to your vegetable boxes.

Thanks to everyone who helped out by giving suggestions and feedback regarding the best way to utilize our website. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see things from the client’s viewpoint, which is why communication between us is so important and essential for improvement. Thank you!

While we’re at it, a word about our order system. It is very easy to operate and allows you the flexibility of making changes at the press of a button. If you’re not yet using the system, take some time to get acquainted. In addition to orders for special products, you can also make permanent changes in your orders, or one-time changes for an upcoming order. Don’t forget—every change must be registered in the order system (or in our email/by phone) no later than 9:00 AM of the morning prior to your delivery. If you need help using the order system, we will gladly walk you through it.

These muddy days are joyous ones for us, with wonderful satiating rain for our thirsty field. We are enjoying the abundant gifts from the heavens, and hoping for more…

May we enjoy a week of clean, fresh air, rain and wintery sunshine,

Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Yochai and the Chubeza crew



Monday: Parsley/dill/coriander, fava beans/garden or snow peas/broccoli, leeks/onions, cucumbers, Swiss chard/spinach/kale, tomatoes, carrots, celery/celeriac, lettuce/arugula/mizuna, fennel/turnips, cabbage/cauliflower.

Large box, in addition: Beets/kohlrabi, Jerusalem artichoke/eggplant, red bell peppers.

Wednesday: Parsley/dill/coriander, Jerusalem artichoke/broccoli, leeks/onions, cucumbers, Swiss chard/spinach/kale, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce/arugula/mizuna, small radishes/kohlrabi, cabbage/cauliflower. Small boxes only: eggplant/ red or green bell peppers.

Large box, in addition: Beets, fennel/turnips, celery/celeriac, fava beans/garden or snow peas.