It’s Acharei Hachagim… Some Messages and Lots of Thank You’s  

izapzizaThe Izza Pziza dairy is gearing up for the upcoming autumn whelping. Beginning this week, they will no longer provide milk, yogurt or soft cheeses, but you can still order hard cheeses, Labane balls and Dulce de leche from Chubeza’s online order system.

If you missed Alon’s description of activities at the Izza Pziza dairy from several weeks ago, here it is once more:

During October and November, our goats start preparing for calving. Some of them naturally stop producing milk, while we help out others by gradually weaning them till they are dry so they can renew their udder tissue and produce more quality milk. First and foremost for the benefit of the kids….

The result is a temporary shortage in fresh milk products, however we will advise you each week of our current stock. Hopefully by December our pen will fill with the sweet cries of newborn kids, and with them a renewal of fresh, delicious products. Of course, you are all more than welcome to pay us a visit.

Wishing you a great New Year,

Alon and the Izza Pziza crew


This week our Newsletter is dedicated to expressions of gratitude for all who took part in our Open Day last Thursday.

*To our devoted staff who assembled the impressive pavilion with a nice Sukkah adjacent, who harvested and washed and chopped and brought over and smiled as they ran to harvest and wash and pack and prepare and welcome all of our visitors. Thank you Mohammed, Ali, Majdi, Ding, Hoth, Tom, Wassen, Roze and Montry. Thank you Gabi, who led the gazebo building operation, gave great advice, and offered help whenever needed.

*Thank you Roni and Asaf, who charmingly led a detailed, rich seasonal cooking workshop, singlehandedly taking charge of five or six different preparation areas with beautiful tasty products. Our heartfelt thanks!

*Thanks to Manu, our amazing baker (and her staff of little helpers) who fed many, many hungry mouths with pizzas, croissants, burekas and other delectable homemade pastries.

*Thank you, Chamutal, the female component of “Tomer and Chamutal’s Apples” who brought a variety of apple juices, ciders and jams to meet and greet you.

*And thank you all for joining us on this lovely autumn-like day. Thank you for expressing your interest, your support and patience and for the smile and help whenever needed. It’s great to feel that you are a part of Chubeza, taking part in our bi-annual celebration. We vote for late New Year holidays every year! What a great pleasure to host you at the end of October in such a ripe, abundant field. And thanks to all the little hands who assisted in the harvest of beets and carrots, beans and radishes.

We wish you all a speedy return to the comfortable routine, and may we all be blessed with a tranquil year filled with plenty of doing, friendship, partnership and growth!

Have a good week, and wonderful autumn days of renewal,

Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Yochai and the Chubeza Team



Tuesday: Coriander/dill/parsley, kale, beets/pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, corn, “baby” mesclun mix, carrots/zucchini, radishes/baby radishes, bell peppers/eggplant, tomatoes.

Large box, in addition: Swiss chard/spinach, lettuce, lubia/okra/ Thai lubia. 

Wednesday: lettuce, sweet potatoes, carrots/beets/zucchini, eggplants/peppers, corn/pumpkin, kale, radish/daikon/white turnip, cucumbers, tomatoes. Small boxes only: baby greens/New Zealand spinach.

Large box, in addition: green onions/leeks, Thai long beans/lubia/okra, Swiss chard/New Zealand spinach, baby greens.