Happy days are here again! – It’s Time for the Open Day!

Dear friends,

We hope that the labor-intensive Passover preparations are behind you and you’re now relaxing and enjoying the beautiful spring days.

For first-time visitors and longtime celebrants, we greatly look forward to greeting you this Wednesday at our Open Day in the Chubeza field.

This long-awaited day is a celebration of people and agriculture, bringing you the golden opportunity to meet “face to face” with the soil and plants from which your veggies come, as well as to meet Chubeza team.

All this will happening on Wednesday, April 27, between 1-6 pm.

Let no heatwave keep you away! We’ve prepared a shade net and lots of water, and we’re all set to welcome you.

And what do we have planned for this special event? Here’s a sneak preview of just some of the many activities that will be taking place:

  • Field tours will be held every hour on the half (1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30), Some tours are designed for kids and small feet, others are more “adult-friendly.”
  • Between 1-2:30 the traditional Chubeza Open Day stars, the“Hazel Hill” Band, will fill the air with music to make our hearts rejoice and our minds forget the heat. Don’t miss this!
  • At 3:00 Talor Cohen will host a wild plants foraging walk. Talor is a veteran Chubeza client and an experienced forager consultant. As she descibes her work, the primary origins of the great vegetables you receive in your boxes are wild plants, eaten by foragers prior to the agricultural revolution. There is no better place to collect wild edibles than an organic farm that makes sure the earth and creatures living in it are well taken care of. In our walk we will get to know the plants, gather them, hear some tales and eat the goodies we gathered! Come for a small taste of the rich and abundant world of plants that can become an integral part of your organic nutrition. The foraging tour leaves at 3:00 pm and will conclude with a field-cooking fest for all the goodies we gather. Those of you who took part in the tour last year can vouch for the good time we had. Don’t miss this year’s tour!
  • In our art corner we will be sculpting in mud, wetting our hands and hearts in the dampness of the sustaining earth.

  פעילות יצירה לילדים לחורף, פעילויות יצירה לילדים בחורף, הפעלות לילדים בבית, פעילות בבוץ, פסטיבל הבוץ   פעילות יצירה לילדים לחורף, פעילויות יצירה לילדים בחורף, הפעלות לילדים בבית, הזחל הרעב

  • And at no set hour, but rather playing by stomach, a cooking corner will begin to sizzle. This week we will substitute the traditional vegetable patties with Matzah Eggroll. Prepare your bellies…

There will be a refreshment table with vegetables to nosh on and herbal tea to sip. You are welcome to bring your picnic mats/pillows or folding chairs and a picnic lunch.

Note: this year we are holding the festivities in a different place, in our open fields outside the moshav houses. Park where you always would, then walk, turning left on the dirt road extending from the farm to the Moshav (a five minute walk).

You can find driving directions to our Open Day here

We’d like to remind you that there will be no deliveries this week. During the Open Day we will have a produce stand where you can purchase vegetables, fruits, olive oil, dates and honey. This is how you get there.

An Open Day is indeed open to all No payment or registration is required.

We look forward to seeing you! Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Yochai and the festive laboring Chubeza team Happy Spring holiday!