During Chol HaMoed Pesach, there will be no delivery. Wednesday recipients will not receive boxes on April 20th, and Monday recipients will not be receiving on April 25th. Consequently: Monday recipients will be receiving their boxes TODAY, Sunday, April 17th. The next delivery will be after Pesach on Monday, May 2nd. Wednesday recipients received their boxes on April 13th. The next delivery will be after Pesach on April 27th. Bi-weekly recipients: Because of Pesach week, you will have a three-week delivery gap. To rearrange your delivery dates to avoid this lapse, please contact me ASAP.

In the best of Chubeza tradition, twice yearly (Chol HaMoed Pesach and Sukkot) we invite you to set out for your “pilgrimage” and celebrate with us on our Open Day at Chubeza. This year’s Pesach celebration will take place on Thursday, April 21st , the 17th of Nisan (second day of Chol Ha’Moed) between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM. As customary, this is your delicious chance to nibble and nosh on vegetables from the field, as well as the opportunity to purchase vegetables (and dates!) for the holiday. Once again, we will go out into the fields for a first-hand look at the heart and soul of Chubeza. Tours will be given during the earlier part of the day, so please take this into consideration and arrive early! At this year’s Cooking Corner, the featured dish will be vegetable patties, made from a range of delectable vegetables-of-the-field.

The Creative Corner will offer activities with walnuts, inspired by the seder tradition. While Chubeza staff will be present, of course, it is essential that you accompany your children at the Cooking and Creative Corners, for their safety and well-being.

Between 15:00-17:00, we’ll have live music, played by the “Hazel Hill String Band” and even some contra-dancing!

*All foods and cooking at our Open Day will be kosher for Pesach. If you wish to bring something to snack or to picnic on, you’re most welcome. Out of respect to other visitors and to us, we’re asking that all food you bring will be free of chametz and suitable for Pesach. Thanks!

*We are attempting to provide transportation options for people without cars to attend the Open Day. If you are arriving from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv (or other locations) by car and have room for additional passengers, kindly inform us. Many thanks! __________________________________________

How to Reach Chubeza: (Road signs will be posted at the entrance to Moshav Kfar Bin Nun with directions to our farm.) Driving directions:

  • Take Latrun exit south (left if you are coming from Jerusalem, right from Tel-Aviv, straight from Modi’in).
  • Take a right at the first light – Tzomet Sheva (signs to Ramla, “Mini Israel”).
  • The road passes “Mini Israel” and twists left-right-and left again (sharp curve).
  • Right after the curve, at the traffic circle, turn left towards Kfar Bin Nun. When Mishmar Hagvul base is on your right, turn left to “Merkavot Latrun” Park.
  • Inside the moshav, continue straight almost to the end, to a sign pointing right to “Mashtelat Shatil V’Tzemach. On the left, the road widens. Park your car here, and enter on foot.
  • Follow the signs and walk on a black dirt road. On your right you will begin to make out our “big” field, and on the opposite side you will see a small grove. Walk towards the grove.

Welcome! You’ve reached Chubeza! ___________________________________

And since you’re already in the neighborhood, we want to tell you about a special book sale of “Itamar’s Book Store,” taking place over Pesach right nearby in Beit Hashmonai. The sale will include hundreds of second-hand books, including a wide variety of fiction, thrillers, children and youth literature, and reference books from various realms. The sale will take place from Wednesday-Saturday, April 20-23 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the moadon of Beit Hashmonai. (Signs will be posted within the yishuv.) The book supply will be refreshed daily. Cost per book: 10 NIS. _________________________________________________

Immediately after Pesach, Yiftah will renew baking his hand-baked, sprouted breads. Please send your orders by the Friday after Pesach, April 29th. Yiftah will finish baking the loaves by the following Wednesday, and they will be delivered in the boxes of May 4th and 9th. You can order Yiftah’s breads via our order form or via email/telephone. ___________________________________________________

In honor of Spring’s innovations, Chubeza is launching our lovely new English-language website! The site now holds all of our previous English-language newsletters, which can be easily accessed when you wish to retrieve information on featured vegetables, recipes and other information. This is the place to once again thank Talia, our own technological wizard, and Aliza and Melanie, our devoted translation team, without whom this new endeavor would have never been possible. Thank you, thank you!

We wish you a wonderful Pesach holiday, filled with the joy of family, of happy times, and of spring! Alon, Melissa, Bat-Ami, and the entire Chubeza team


What’s in the Holiday Boxes?

Sunday: red leaf or iceberg lettuce, parsley, celery, snow peas or fava beans, cabbage, leek, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, squash, beets. In the large box, in addition: kohlrabi, Swiss chard, potatoes

And, after the holiday, there’s more! You can add to your basket a wide, delectable range of additional products from fine small producers of these organic products: granola and cookies, flour, sprouted bread, sprouts, goat cheeses, fruits, honey, crackers. You can learn more about each producer on the Chubeza website. The attached order form includes a detailed listing of the products and their cost. Fill it out, and send it back to us to begin your delivery soon.