January 1-3 2024 – An important message, please read!


  • we are compelled to raise the price of our vegetable boxes
  • Small Boxes will now cost 100 NIS; Large Boxes 125 NIS

Delivery prices remain unchanged.

We’ve now been raising organic vegetables for 20 years in our field in Kfar Bin Nun. We’ve grown, slowly but steadily, so as to coordinate the growth in the fields to the number of Chubeza customers. Throughout the years–to this very day— we’ve endeavored to act with moderation and financial caution, taking modest, well-considered decisions to enable sustainability for both the crops growing in Chubeza’s field and the economic realm as well. Over these 20 years, including the complex, perilous times we now face, we’ve continued with stubborn persistence each and every week to bring you vegetable boxes teeming with fresh, delectable produce, bringing greetings from the open spaces and clear, crisp air.

We attempt to impose price increases with caution, moderation, and infrequency. Despite inflation, we have not raised prices for four years! Yet in recent months, we’ve come to the realization that our prices must rise. However – it is crucial to us that Chubeza remain available and affordable to as many people as possible, thus prices will be raised by only 5 NIS per box.

We are fully committed to follow the path we set from the start: Employing permanent workers and veteran workers for whom we guarantee a permanent job, fair and decent salaries to all workers (Israeli, Palestinian or Thai), and commit to granting full social conditions. To our customers, we are committed to fill your boxes with produce which actually grows in our field and is picked fresh for you, and to renew each season by growing new vegetables in a range of varieties. We also pledge to involve more and more small local producers and cottage industries within the Chubeza Community, and to improve our communication availability and efficiency in managing the order. (We even upgraded our WhatsApp, finally (-:).


  • A Guide to Happy Vegetable Storage, with great tips on proper storage to keep your veggies fresh
  • A Very Special Recipe Collection for every Chubeza vegetable, chock full of ideas for how to cook up old favorites and less-familiar veggies as well
  • A Detailed “Almanac” of all Chubeza Vegetables to give you a full calendar of crops year-round, as well as a list of each vegetable’s season.
  • NEW: An Enlightening Guide to Chubeza’s Order System to empower you to make your own changes, additions and orders (currently only in Hebrew, Eng version is coming soon).

It’s extremely important for us to continue to maintain an open, honest dialogue with you. The decision for the slight price rise was reached after much deliberation and out of the keen desire to avoid hurting you and your pocket.

We look forward to hearing from you. Your opinion is highly important to us!

Email: [email protected]          Telephone/SMS/whatsap: 054-6535980

May we soon be blessed to see the safe return of all the kidnapped and missing, the end to the war and swift return of our soldiers,
and the dawn of better days, of peace and growth for us all
Alon, Bat-Ami, Dror, Orin and the Chubeza team



Monday:  Fresh onions, carrots, lettuce, kohlrabi/fennel/daikon, cauliflower/cabbage/Jerusalem artichokes, celery/celeriac, broccoli, parsley/coriander/dill, tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss chard/spinach/kale.   

Large box, in addition: Green beans/garden peas or snow peas/fava beans/beets, arugula/tatsoi, bell peppers/potatoes.

FRUIT BOXES: Kiwi/carambola, apples, avocados, oranges/pomelit/grapefruits.

Wednesday:  Carrots, lettuce, cauliflower/kohlrabi, fennel/daikon/red cabbage/beets, celery/celeriac, broccoli, parsley/coriander/dill, tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss chard/spinach/kale, bell peppers/potatoes.   

Large box, in addition: Fresh onions, snow peas/fava beans/Jerusalem artichokes, arugula/tatsoi.

FRUIT BOXES: Kiwi, apples, avocados, oranges/clemantinot.