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June 5-7, 2023 – To bean or not to bean, that is the question….

Over the coming weeks, we look forward to telling you a bit about the new veggie friends in the offing, beginning this week with — the fresh beans, on their crunchy pods, green and flat, or yellow and cylindrical. The fresh bean is unique from the other summer veggies because like the fakus, it appears now, at the height of spring, and will not stick around for the entire hot, steaming season. Because beans are a crop that thrive on moderation.   

The remainder of their Legume family relatives just love extremes. Fava and peas thrive on frigid cold weather, while soybeans and lubia (black-eyed peas) adore the scorching sun. The beans, however, seek weather that’s just warm enough and just ventilated enough – in essence, a transition-season climate. Which explains why beans are one of the only crops belonging to spring and autumn in our field, dropping in for a very short visit before the onerous summer heat prevails. This year’s spring has been ideal for the bean: overall moderate and gentle. A true field day for the bean!

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In perfect step with the Harvest Festival, Chubeza also harvested our very special grain in the field – the clover, which carpeted the earth in green throughout the winter season, fertilized the ground and protected it from erosion, while its roots aerated the soil as well. Now the clover has dried up and turned yellow. The harvester deftly cut the dry stems and then packed the hay into beautiful, very impressive bales of straw.

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May 22-24 2023 – Focus on Fakus

In perfect step with Shavuot, over the last two weeks we harvested our first beds of fakus, aka “Arabic cucumber.” After several years of questions pouring in like, “This week I received two portions of zucchini and no cucumbers!” this year we decided to begin to pack the fakus in a separate, additional bag from the cucumbers (for now only in the large boxes until the quantities increase). This way it will be easier for those in the know to identify, and to make introductions to those not yet acquainted with the wonderful fakus. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the fakus in all its glory:

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May 15-17 2023 – Weird Tomatoes I’ve Known

This week –  A MYSTERY IN THE TOMATO BED – Against this idyllic spring, strange surprises have emerged. Here’s what happened: During the picking of our “veteran” tomato beds, we suddenly came across some rather strange-looking tomatoes. At first glance, they looked big and red. But something caught our attention. At second glance, we noticed their slightly distorted shape, as if someone had somewhat crushed them between their fingers. I then set out to investigate the mystery…

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May 8-10 2023 – Red as a beet

To our very pleasant surprise, we’re enjoying a nice mild spring! Despite occasional bursts of heatwaves and haze, the temperatures overall have not yet shot up. We’re thoroughly enjoying cool mornings and cool afternoons, with nice sunshine in-between. One of the biggest winners of this spring (besides us…) is the red beet. It’s been with us since fall, as one of the first vegetables to announce that the Chubeza Box cast of vegetable characters has changed from a summer to winter ensemble. Beets are also one of the winter vegetables that will leave the box shortly at spring’s end. In recent years, when spring swiftly turned into scorching summer, the last beets were already quite pathetic. But this year, they are basking in glory – big, sweet, and juicy! So, in honor of this wonderful vegetable – this week’s Newsletter is a tribute to The Beetroot.

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May 1-3 2023 – SQUISH-SQUASH

DON’T MISS TAMIR’S EXTRAORDINARY BLUEBERRIES! Blueberries need special conditions to best grow, including acidic soil and especially beneficial cold spells. To maintain an ideal level

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April 24-25 2023 – Thoughts about Earth Day and an Israeli Week

Sometimes Nature is perceived as a battlefield in which the strong overcomes the weak, and only the battle is supreme (think of the expression “law of the jungle”). Yet this conception is totally removed from reality. Within the interrelationship between the species, competition is the most destructive: both sides lose. Yet the relationship from which all sides benefit is.
This week we mark Israeli Memorial Day and Independence Day, interwoven like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And particularly in today’s turbulent, complex and arduous period in Israeli society, replete with polarization and anger, protests and struggles, and no lack of disdain, contempt and hatred, I remind myself that now, as always, Nature has lessons to teach us: Cooperation and reciprocity are the wise, correct choice to empower prosperity, growth and profit for both sides. And this choice lies in our hands.

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THANKS FOR VISITING ON CHUBEZA’S “OPEN DAY” (and What’s in Today’s Boxes!)

As Pesach and Mimouna celebrations close this week, we now have the distinct pleasure of thanking all those who worked so hard to make Monday’s Open Day at Chubeza a success. 
It was our great pleasure to host our guests, to greet well-known and new faces, to chat, nosh, play, create, tour, pick vegetables, take a bumpy tractor ride, and enjoy a sunny – and sometimes drizzly – day together.

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