Don’t miss Open Day at Chubeza, tomorrow (Tuesday) from 12:00 – 5:00 PM!!

We can’t wait for you to join us for the Sukkot Open Day, to be held in the lovely grove at the edge of our field on Moshav Kfar Ben Nun. This year we’ll be celebrating the long-awaited “Yoreh,” the first rain of the season, coming in perfect timing for the Open Day. Wonderful raindrops splashed across our field, making it beautifully fragrant and glistening for your arrival tomorrow.

The Open Day will feature two focal points – activities in the open field, and a Farmer’s Market in our packing house where you can purchase vegetables and other products.

  •        Visitors to  the Arts & Crafts Cornerwill greet the arrival of the rainy season by creating watercolor drawings that turn into small umbrellas.
  • At the Cooking Corner, come and prepare pitot fresh-from-the-saj, plus a tantalizing  selection of dips  and spreads
  • Specials tours of the glistening field will take place for adults and kids alike

Of course, there will be plenty of yummy vegetables to nosh on and warm tea to drink. And, there’s a kosher sukkah on the premises.

Come equipped with a hat, water, and comfortable shoes.

And don’t miss our vibrant, colorful Farmer’s Market! In addition to  fresh, delicious Chubeza vegetables for purchase, there will also be Tomer & Chamutal with their amazing juices, cider and jams, Ido the bread baker par excellence of “Bet Halechem,” Orly with her outstanding homemade honey candies, Melissa of   “Mipri Yadeha” with her legendary dried fruits and fruit leather, and more.

Come breathe the fresh air, feast your eyes on the verdant field, and meet the Chubeza Family!