December 14th-16th 2020 – To see the light

…for a moment I could run, Like a feather on the wing of a bird in flight And I was able to climb high To see the light

Barak Feldman/Asaf Amdursky/Efrat Gosh

Last week we were able – just for a moment – to be like a feather on the wing of a bird and gaze over Chubeza’s fields from above! Eyal Fischer, one of our very loyal delivery people (responsible for bringing veggies to dozens of homes in Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Biqat Ono and Tel Aviv ) photographed Chubeza from on high.

Aside from working with us, Eyal is also a veteran photographer whose camera has captured photos for the press, architecture, advertisements, art and more. In all honesty, his first visit here several years before he joined the Chubeza team was as a photographer for a food magazine who came to do a feature on us. Last year, Eyal mastered the art of drone photography and now specializes in this field. Last week, it took our breath away when we saw how beautiful the fields look from above.

We’d like to share our excitement with you, so here it is: Chubeza from a Bird’s (and drone’s) Eye View. Thank you, Eyal, for this privilege to see things in a new light and from another angle.


Our fields – This is where it all begins:

A look to the east – from the growth houses to 3 sloping field plots and the Jerusalem Hills:


Northwest: working in the field. In the background: Kfar Bin Nun and the Tel Gezer Hills:


Southwest – the fields and growth houses. In the distance: Hamaginim Forest

The packing house north to south: bottom right – the office and workers’ living quarters (greenery-topped roofs), to their left a small clementine orchard, the packing house and surrounding plots.   


Packing house – north: this is where we pack your boxes on the delivery cars and send them on their way to you!

So, although we couldn’t host you in the field this year, thanks to Eyal we were able to send a stunning virtual embrace, in honor of Chanukah.

To contact Eyal, call 050-5278012.

May we have a bright Chanukah and lovely week, Alon, Bat Ami, Dror and the entire Chubeza team



Monday: Spinach/totsoi, lettuce/arugula/mizuna, slice of pumpkin/broccoli/lubia Thai yard-long beans, beets/fennel/kohlrabi, cucumbers, tomatoes, turnips/baby radishes/daikon, cabbage/cauliflower/Jerusalem artichokes, coriander/parsley/dill, carrots, sweet potatoes.    

Large box, in addition: Scallions, celeriac/celery, Swiss chard/kale.

FRUIT BOXES: Avocado, oranges/pomelit, bananas, clementinas, red apples/kiwi.

Wednesday: Lettuce, slice of pumpkin/Jerusalem artichokes/lubia Thai yard-long beans/snow peas, beets/kohlrabi, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage/broccoli/, coriander/parsley/dill, carrots, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard/kale. Small boxes only: baby radishes/daikon. A special gift for all: Arugula/mizuna/totsoi  

Large box, in addition: New Zealand or winter Spinach, fennel/turnips, scallions, celeriac/celery.

FRUIT BOXES: Avocado, oranges, bananas, clementinas, red apples/kiwi.