*One more change (for now) in the delivery schedule—Monday’s delivery during the week of Yom HaAtzmaut will be brought up to Sunday, May 8th. Happy Independence Day!


*We’re back to eating bread—and Yiftah’s back to baking his hand-baked, sprouted breads next week. Please send your orders by Friday, April 29th. Yiftah will finish baking the loaves by the following Wednesday, and they will be delivered in the boxes of May 4th and 8th. You can order Yiftah’s breads via our order form or via email/telephone. ————————————————————————————- THANK YOU!!

Twice yearly I have the honor and pleasure of thanking all those who attended Chubeza’s “Open Day.” This Pesach, it was especially wonderful to greet you, walk with you through the fields, talk, nibble, and even dance together!

Our thanks to all who came, undeterred by the heavy holiday traffic, or by the massive traffic jam at Latrun. Thank you for your exuberance and your kind words of praise, and for your cooperation in all realms, even when the unexpected ruled.

A hearty thank you to all those who worked so hard to make the day such a success: a big hug and great thanks, as always, to Abba & Ima Sorek and Abba & Ima Efrati. Thank you to Melissa who triumphed over the Cooking Corner. Despite a faulty gas burner, Melissa never missed a beat in rustling up an ongoing feast of delectable one-of-a-kind treats straight from the fields. (Recipes below.) Many thanks to Suwet, Sousou, and Phum, who worked tirelessly to prepare the area for the occasion, assuring that there was an abundance of vegetables, tea, and anything else we needed.

Thanks to Howard from Jerusalem, our liaison with the Hazel Hill String Band, who once again delighted us with lively music to gladden the heart and set our feet to tapping. For those who are interested, “contra dance” sessions accompanied by the Hazel Hill Band are held monthly in Jerusalem. Full details on their Facebook page. The band members asked us to thank you all for the lovely time they had at the Open Day, and would be grateful to receive any photos you may have taken during their performance. Please send pictures to: [email protected].

We hope that your Pesach holiday was meaningful, spring-like and lots of fun. We’ll be back with a full Newsletter after the holiday. Meanwhile – enjoy the new sweet cucumbers growing right outside in our open field. Try a bite! Alon, Bat-Ami and the entire Chubeza team __________________________________________________________________

What’s in Wednesday’s Post-Pesach Boxes?

Wednesday: beets, squash, cucumbers, Swiss chard, tomatoes, carrots, dill, celery, iceberg or Romaine lettuce, snow peas or fava beans, radishes.

In the large box, in addition: leek, kohlrabi, green onions

And there’s more! You can add to your basket a wide, delectable range of additional products from fine small producers of these organic products: granola and cookies, flour, sprouted bread, sprouts, goat cheeses, fruits, honey, crackers. You can learn more about each producer on the Chubeza website. The attached order form includes a detailed listing of the products and their cost. Fill it out, and send it back to us to begin your delivery soon. _____________________________________________________ PESACH COOKING IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS: OPEN DAY RECIPES BY MELISSA AND THE CHILDREN

Straight-from-the-Field Croquettes (for Pesach and afterwards)

Ingredients: One bunch of Swiss chard 2 leeks Head of garlic One bunch of dill Olive oil Coarse ground pepper Salt ~1 c. flour or matza meal 3 eggs

Preparation: – Using whatever means at your disposal, slice garlic, leeks and Swiss chard into small pieces. Sauté in oil till soft. – Remove from flame and add flour, finely-chopped dill, eggs, salt and coarse ground pepper. Add more oil to the fry pan and heat. Form patties or a large pancake and fry well on both sides. – Other herbs such as parsley or coriander (together or separately) may be substituted for the dill, if desired. By the same token, other greens—such as the chubeza—can be substituted for the Swiss chard.

Pesach Garlic Bread (or Why is This Garlic Bread Different From All Others?)

Ingredients: Bread of affliction (any kind of matza will do) Fresh garlic

Preparation: – Peel garlic cloves, hold a matza in one hand over a flat surface, and with the other hand gently spread the garlic back and forth over the unleavened bread until it melts and spreads over the matza.

Serving options: Exactly as is, for the stouthearted and for garlic lovers. Can also be sprinkled as a garnish for soup or salads. Additional ingredients may be added, including white cheese (gvina levana), cottage cheese, yellow cheese, tuna, humous, techina, butter, olive oil, salt—and any other food that you can imagine.

Great Grated Salad-in-the-Rough

Ingredients: Carrots Zucchini Chopped dill Garlic Lemons Olive oil (optional) Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation: – Coarsely grate carrots and zucchini. Using a spoon (or your bare hands), mix with crushed garlic, a sea of fresh lemon juice, chopped dill, olive oil (if desired), salt, and coarse ground pepper to taste. Lick fingers and smile.

My great thanks to all the young Master Chefs (and their chaperones) who put their heart and soul into inventing and preparing these recipes, straight from the heart of Chubeza’s fields. Melissa