!April 29th – May 1st 2019 – Back to Routine, And Thanks for Visiting on Open Da

A slight change in next week’s deliveries in Jerusalem:

Due to Yom Hazikaron, certain deliveries in Jerusalem will be pushed up to Tuesday. Those affected by the change will be informed ASAP.

As for the rest of the routes and days – it’s back to routine!


Gee I, it’s fun to jump back on the Routine train. After days of holidays and vacation, new landscapes and different schedules, what a pleasure to return to our field, brimming with growth. During vacation we toured the country and witnessed the blessing of the wet rain in realms other than the agricultural perspective: the northern rivers are flowing, the south is abloom, and dry springs have awakened from their slumber, gushing with excitement.

As always in this Mid-Eastern region we call home, seasons change abruptly, and the summery spring has now landed full force – the temperatures are rising, the air is drying up in the spring heatwaves and the body is beginning to come to grips with the fact that this is Reality for the next few months.

Though it’s been a few days now, we still enjoy recalling what a pleasant, festive time we had with you on the chol hamoed Open Day at the farm. Our daily work gets so busy that we relish this pause to meet with you, chat, tour the field comfortably (for once, not aiming to check the moisture level of the soil, the growth of new saplings or the progress of leaf blights). Your visits also allow us to see the beauty of our field through your encouraging, loving eyes. Your compliments on the field’s beauty and the flavor of its yield are a true gift, making us blush with pride at our cultivated ‘child’.

We thank all of those who contributed to the success of the Open Day: Gabby the Great who led the setting-up process, lending a hand in every possible way; to Mohammed, in charge of the vegetable stand and sales; to Majid and Ali who managed the refreshments and mingling; to Asaf, Netta and Talia who operated the cooking and craft stands; and of course to all of our other excellent team members who assisted in all the preparations and activities and greeted you warmly: Hott, Thom, Vinai, Montry, Nophdal, and our volunteer, Avi.

Most of the summer vegetables have now been seeded and planted in the field, and the warm weather makes them happily feel at home. Their growth is being hastened, and we have already begun harvesting the first pioneer of spring: the zucchini! This week we bid farewell to the fava bean, cauliflower, celeriac and other winter vegetables who are taking their temporary leave till autumn rolls around.

If you’re wondering when the rest of the spring and summer vegetables are scheduled to arrive, we remind you that you are welcome to check out our harvest schedule, and in preparation for summer veggies to refresh your skills in how to store vegetables during the warm seasons to survive the summer.

The season’s transitions are always accompanied by an excitement for the new round of vegetables we have been pining for since our last encounter, along with some sadness over the (albeit temporary) separation from our beloved winter buddies.  Although perhaps we’ve had enough of some for now, and the time has come to let absence make the heart grow fonder.

We wish you a peaceful and calm back-to-routine time, hoping you are taking it in stride. The mountain of tasks that steadily piled up will eventually decrease – no need to get everything done during the first days of Routine.

May you have a pleasant, summery and joyful week. Drink up! Let your body gradually get used to the heat.

Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Yochai and the rest of the Chubeza team



Monday: Zucchini, carrots, lettuce, beets/turnips, cucumbers, tomatoes, fennel/kohlrabi/potatoes, kale/New Zealand spinach, parsley root, Swiss chard, parsley/coriander/dill.

Large box, in addition:  Cabbage, celery, garlic/leeks.

FRUIT BOXES: Avocados, melon, pomelit, bananas.

Wednesday: Zucchini/potatoes, carrots, lettuce, beets, fennel/kohlrabi/turnips, cucumbers, tomatoes, Swiss chard, parsley/parsley root, coriander/dill. Small boxes: kale/New Zealand spinach/cabbage.

Large box, in addition:  Cabbage, kale/New Zealand spinach, celery, garlic/leeks.

FRUIT BOXES: Avocados, melon, pomelit, bananas.