Aley Chubeza #328, February 27th-March 1st 2017

neot-smadarAfter a temporary shortage, Kibbutz Neot Smadar has renewed Chubeza’s stock of their excellent date honey (now in a handy squeeze bottle) and a variety of delicious health bars. You are most welcome to order these wonderful products and more via our order system.


megila close 2016-reduced“Is it not for this very moment that you became queen?!”

In honor of Purim, Mipri Yadeha is delighted to present Megillat Esther: all-natural fruit leather scrolls in select flavors, perfect for holiday food exchanges and a sweet reminder of what one brave woman can do! (Only 10 NIS apiece!) place your orders via our order system.


“Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come…” The team at Minhat Ha’aretz is already gearing up for the month of Nisan and their unique Matzah baking.

Whole wheat spelt – Shmura L’mhadrin from the time of harvest!!!195  Nis per kg (15-17 pieces)

matza spelt

Organic Israeli whole wheat – Shmura L’mhadrin from the time of harvest!!! 135 NIS per kg (15-17 pieces)

matza wheat

This is a limited run, so please make your orders on time. Email or text us with your orders by Purim. Final deadline to place your order: March 10

The matzah will be sent to you over the two weeks preceding Pesach (last week of March, first week of April).


It’s the month of Adar

And we are instructed to be happy. Contrary to other Jewish statutes so carefully prescribed, there are no rules or definitions for happiness, not even a general direction to follow. As Rabbi Chaim Elazar Shapiro comments, “Anything that makes us happy – this will be the commandment, and all should explore their own personal ways of making themselves happy.” So we should just figure out what makes us happy, what motivates us to feel good, optimistic and positive, focus on this and be happy.

To inaugurate this joyful month, we shall devote this Newsletter to the Chubeza angle on happiness. We asked you to tell us what makes you happy about the Chubeza boxes, and you sent us beautiful, happy, funny and smile-inducing responses. Here they are, for all of us to rejoice:

משמח אותיeng

And Jenia wrote:


And she sent some photos:

jenia1 jenia2

What makes us happy? We are overjoyed to our tippy-toes and our hearts make a jump and a thump when we receive your positive feedback and kind words. So we started our month of Adar with a great big smile. Hopefully, you’re smiling now too.

Have a great month!

Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Yochai and the entire Chubeza team



Monday: Parsley/ coriander, spinach/ Swiss chard/broccoli leaves/mizuna, celeriac/leeks, cucumbers, cabbage/cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, peas/Jerusalem artichoke, fresh onions, potatoes, carrots.

Large box, in addition: Beets, lettuce, fava beans.

Wednesday: potatoes, beets/kohlrabi, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, fresh onions, parsley/dill/cilantro, broccoli, cabbage/cauliflower, cherry tomatoes/fava beans, spinach/broccoli greens/kale/Swiss chard.

Large box, in addition: celeriac/leek, lettuce/mizuna, snow peas.

And there’s more! You can add to your basket a wide, delectable range of additional products from fine small producers: flour, fruits, sprouts, honey, dates, almonds, garbanzo beans, crackers, probiotic foods, dried fruits and leathers, olive oil, bakery products, apple juice, cider and jams, dates silan and healthy snacks and goat dairy too! You can learn more about each producer on the Chubeza website. On our order system there’s a detailed listing of the products and their cost, you can make an order online now!