Aley Chubeza #172, September 30th-October 2nd 2013

Back to Reality…

At the beginning of this week we billed your cards for September purchases, including deliveries received on Monday, September 30th. The billing is three-part: one bill for vegetables, fruits and dates which you purchased over the past month, including the Open Day. (Of course, if you only received vegetables, you will only be billed for vegetables. Not fruit or dates…) The second part is the bill for delivery, which includes VAT, and the third is for extra non-Chubeza products you purchased through our Internet order system.

We would like to remind you that you are now able to view your billing history in our Internet-based order system. It’s easy. Simply click the tab “דוח הזמנות ותשלומים” where the history of your payments and purchases is clearly displayed.

Please make sure the bill is correct, or let us know of any necessary revisions. At the bottom of the bill, the words סה”כ לתשלום:0 (total due: 0) should appear. If there is any number other than zero, this means we were unable to bill your card and would appreciate your contacting us. We always have our hands full, and we depend on you.

Our thanks!!


Our friend Yiftah (“the bread-man”) has succumbed to technology and now has his very own Facebook page. We recommend you “like” it (“יפתח לחם”) so you may receive updates about his vegan cooking workshops and distinctive baking (sour-dough bread, non-gluten baking and more). For further details, contact Yiftah at 02-5333610 or [email protected]


Thanks for Coming!

The post-Open Day newsletter is always a great opportunity to thank all of you who helped and attended the event. This year we celebrated our 10th birthday, and the atmosphere was especially joyful. We prepared birthday garlands and played vegetable-based birthday games, like butternut squash bowling, pin-the-corncobs-on-the-stalk, put the okra in the bottle, vegetable bunny and more. Thanks (especially to my dear Neta and Shachar) to all who assisted with advice, preparation and carrying out this very successful endeavor.

The tours of the field were more complex than usual this year, and required a long walk or drive to our new field outside the moshav. Those of you who joined Alon for an extensive tour of the field and net-house were surely delighted to have made the effort. We promise next time to improve the access to the tour of the fields. They’re so lovely to see, despite the distance.


 Thank you, Roi Borochov, who elevated our traditional pita baking by lending us his charming home flour-grinder (soon we’ll tell you more about the baking and introduce you to Roi) so all of us, children and adults, could actually make our bread from seed. What an experience! We were all so excited!

A thank you to all of the clients who are so helpful: Ariel and Daphna, who came early and readily lent a hand; Howard, who brings his music in tow every six months; all those who helped new clients by explaining how the self-purchase system works; those who helped others in game or arts, who joined the tours, asked questions and commented wisely. It was such a great, warm, homey feeling of community. Thank you!

A special thanks to the Hazel Hill Band who came once again, this time with even more musicians. They always blend in so beautifully as they play under the tall trees, facing the blooming fields. Thank you for coming twice a year to bring us the beauty of your music!

I thank our families, our parents, siblings, Maya and Yisrael, and our close friends who have been with us and you for a decade. They are always ready to provide any help and support needed on the Open Day and any day.

And last but not least, thanks to the wonderful Chubeza crew: to Mohammed, who bravely manned the busy sales stand, and to Idan, Majdi and Shacham, who manned the nosh table and pita baking. Thank you to Poom, Yinai and Ding who worked hard to harvest and replenish the vegetable stand throughout the day, and to Ya’ara who patiently answered the phone and assisted lost guests in finding their way.

Thank you all for coming to rejoice and celebrate with us.

I wish everyone a smooth return to the “acharei hachagim” routine of life.

Alon, Bat Ami, Ya’ara and the Chubeza team



Monday: : Parsley, Thai yard-long beans/lubia/ potatoes; pumpkin, tomatoes, corn, arugula, lettuce, cucumbers/zucchini; tatsoi/ Swiss chard/New Zealand spinach; sweet red  peppers, sweet potatoes

In the large box, in addition: Dill, eggplant, leeks