Aley Chubeza #129 September 24th-27th 2012

Reminder regarding Holiday changes in deliveries:

  • This week, Monday deliveries as usual. Wednesday deliveries will be moved to Thursday, September 27.
  • During Chol HaMoed, there will be no deliveries, i.e. you will not be receiving boxes on Monday or Wednesday, the 1 and 3rd of October.
  • The week after Simchat Torah, Monday deliveries will be moved to Tuesday, October 9. Wednesday deliveries as usual.

Open Day at Chubeza: Come One, Come All!!

In keeping with our twice-yearly tradition, we invite you for a Chol HaMoed “pilgrimage” to Chubeza to celebrate our Open Day.

The Sukkot Open Day will take place on Wednesday, October 3, the 17th of Tishrei (second day of Chol HaMoed), between 11:00-16:00. The Open Day gives us a chance to meet, tour the field, and nibble on vegetables and other delicacies. Children have their own tailor-made tours, designed for little feet and curious minds, plus activities and a vast space to run around and loosen up.  (So can the adults…)

Driving instructions are on our website under “Contact Us.” Please make sure you check this before heading our way.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach and Shana Tova. We look forward to seeing you all!


Acharei Hachagim…

Over the past few weeks, we have scrambled between holidays and weekdays, vacations and work, thinking and doing, and inner searching and outer deeds. After many summer days of harvesting and picking, this recent period has been characterized by planting and seeding, with our hands laden with work. Another round of zucchini was planted, for one last taste of summer, simultaneous with the first rounds of winter vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, carrots, beets, green beans, peas, seasoning herbs, spinach, arugula, and so much more.


Today we completed our garlic seeding, and at that very moment Alon drove off to procure the potato seeds. These seeds will soon take their place as well in the dirt seasoned with compost, loosened and arranged in raised mounds. Each seeding and planting is accompanied by hopes and prayers    for a good, strong beginning, free from pests and the pangs of newborn vegetable strife, and for a healthy, abundant yield of winter crops. All of this can only happen, of course, with the assistance of a steady mist from the heavens, at the right time and pace. Soon we will begin fervently praying for rain (but first let us complete our preparations…).


The field is certainly changing, with green carpets of leaflets now covering the beds which stood brown and empty over the second half of the summer. There is a range of different hues of green–the silver of broccoli and cauliflower, the light and dark green of the various green leafy vegetables, and the purple and magenta of the beets and red cabbage.


We are slowly exiting from the difficult period of late, characterized by a scarce amount of vegetables and slow ripening. After the holidays, we hope to start pulling out the sweet potatoes and Jerusalem artichoke that have been pleasantly growing for some months now, and soon the parade of vegetable greens will begin anew, in all its pageantry and varied flavors. Samar dates are back this week, with an end-of-season stock of Dekel Nur dates being sold at a cut-rate price of 15 NIS per kg, or 75 NIS for a 5 kg box. You are welcome to make your orders via our automated ordering system.


Acharei HaChagim we will start afresh. Our field, the weather, us and you.

I wish to end this week’s newsletter with a huge Mazal Tov to our Eliana, who married Daniel on Sunday night. Eliana comes to our field faithfully every Wednesday to assist in the harvest and packing, and we have been graced by her generosity and devotion. We wish her and Daniel many fruitful years of growth and fulfillment together.

Wishing us all good days of Tishrei. days in which we will learn, experience pleasant times, and feel great joy.

Alon, Bat Ami and the Chubeza team



Monday: Garlic chive or scallions, dill, lettuce,  Swiss chard,   okra or short cowpeas (lubia), eggplant, cucumbers, slice of Provence pumpkin, corn, potatoes, carrots

In the large box, in addition: Thai yard long beans (lubia) or onions, red bell peppers, basil

Wednesday: arugula, Swiss chard or New Zealand spinach, a slice of pumpkin, potatoes, corn, dill or cilantro, cucumbers, green lubia (cowpeas) or Thai yard long beans or okra, lettuce, carrots or onions, scallions

In the large box, in addition: eggplants, red or green bell peppers, parsley