A hearty Chag Sameach to all!

A brief reminder: This Pesach week, there are no Chubeza vegetable deliveries. However, we cordially invite you to join us at our Open Day, taking place in Chubeza’s field tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10, the 18th of Nisan, between 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

In our Open Day tradition, you will get a personal tour of the field and a great opportunity to ask questions, smell, see, and taste. The kids have their very own tour, tailor-made for small feet and curious minds. If there’s ample demand, we will offer an English-language tour during the second half of the day.

From painful past experience, we request that you do not pick vegetables independently. On the children’s tour, we do pluck some vegetables here and there for the experience, but I beg that you accompany your children on these tours to make sure the “plucking” is minimal.

This year, in the bonfire area we will be roasting vegetables and indulging in the first tastes of our newborn squash.

In the arts and crafts area, we will be creating with spring leaves. Here, too, we will need your cooperation. This year’s arts and crafts activities will be do-it-yourself, so please guide your kids accordingly.

To provide your weekly vegetables, the Open Day features a vegetable stall where you can purchase vegetables from the field, as well as dates from Samar, sprouts from Maggie and Kosher-for-Pesach olive oil from Didi and Shira.

The talented Hazel Hill String Band, who’ve delighted us with their joyful music for the past few years, will be performing at our Open Day once again. We may even dance! Don’t miss them!!

This year, too, there will be a sale at Itamar’s secondhand bookstore at nearby Beit Chashmonai, at 10 NIS per book. You can find the full details here.

Before you set out for Chubeza, please check the updated travel instructions on our website, under “contact us.”  We’ve now added instructions for arriving via public transportation.

Parking will be outside the field, only. (Internal paths are jagged and not suitable for driving.) Watch for the signs to the designated parking area.

We look forward to seeing you all!

Wishing you an enjoyable family holiday and a wonderful spring,

From all of us at Chubeza