A few messages

This week I am recovering from a wicked streptococcus (which my daughters made up all sorts of funny names for), so we’ll only have a few messages and information about the components of your boxes. We’ll resume our chit-chat next week.


Gosh, times just flies, doesn’t it? We’re already a month into 2014, and at the end of this week we will be billing your cards for January purchases. We will endeavor to have it updated by Sunday.

You may view your billing history in our Internet-based order system. It’s easy. Simply click the tab “דוח הזמנות ותשלומים” where the history of your payments and purchases is clearly displayed. Please make sure the bill is correct, or let us know of any necessary revisions. At the bottom of the bill, the words  סה”כ לתשלום: 0 (total due: 0) should appear. If there is any number other than zero, this means we were unable to bill your card and would appreciate your contacting us. We always have our hands full, and we depend on you to inform us. Our thanks!

Reminder: from this month henceforth, the billing is two-part: one bill for vegetables, fruits and sprouts you purchased over the past month (the produce that does not include VAT. The title of the bill will be “תוצרת אורגנית”, organic produce). The second part is the bill for delivery and other purchases (which does include VAT. The title of the bill will be “delivery and other products.”).


After a week of working with Puah of “Meshek 42” goat milk products, here is a message from her:

–       The date marked on our products is the date of production, not expiration.

–       Labane balls hardly ever expire. They’re eternal. Labane spread and yogurt expire after two weeks, and milk lasts at least four days (we’re still not sure about this, because we’re new at transportation.) Till now, we only sold milk at the dairy, and then it could last even a week and a half.

–       You are more than welcome to return our glass bottles. Some of the products come in a frozen bottle, to keep them relatively cold. We will be happy to get those back, so we can reuse them. We know not all of our delivery people take your old boxes, so this message only applies to those who do.


And in this month of growth and blossoming, I want to share with you a different kind of beautiful and contagious blossoming:

When we think of youth, we usually think of cultivating them, giving them our best, protecting them from all harm. Specifically in this day and age, where adolescence lasts a really long time. Sometimes it seems that teenagers are used to only receiving and not giving back. There was a time when they were expected to give something in return, to take a significant and active part in giving, even sacrificing. There was a demanding side to it, but also a part that believed in them, in their ability to do, to make change.

Sachi is a unique “commando unit” for chesed that views teenagers in an “old fashioned” yet futuristic manner. Their motto is a saying by the Rebbe of Piaseczna: “The greatest thing in the world is doing good for someone.” Members of this “unit,” teenagers from difficult backgrounds, manage and activate community-service missions, like collecting and distributing food to families in need, visiting the homebound, and accompanying the elderly to their grocery shopping. They organize school material for students as well as educational frameworks, and renovate public areas within their neighborhoods. Sachi started small, and it’s spreading like wildfire, with more and more teenagers joining.

I don’t need to elaborate about the “consequences,” do I? A decrease in violence, crime, drugs and alcohol consumption, and feelings of alienation and neglect. An increase in self-confidence, in feeling empowered, and group pride. After all, they are a select commando unit!

In spring, Sachi  members would like to start a project to renovate the homes of the elderly in their neighborhoods, and they need help paying for equipment. They are doing this via Headstart. This is their project page. They have five days left, so we need to move fast to help them reach their designated sum. Let’s help them plant another small grove of growth and blossom.

Wishing you a happy month of Shvat!



Monday: Parsley/coriander, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, daikon/kohlrabi, beets/turnips/ fennel, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach/tot soi/arugula, cauliflower. Small boxes only: Snow peas, garden peas

Large box, in addition: Celery, carrots, leeks, cabbage

Wednesday: spinach/kale, daikon/fennel/kohlrabi, cucumbers, cauliflower, cilantro/arugula, broccoli, potatoes, lettuce, leek, tomatoes, beets/turnips – in small boxes only.

Large box, in addition: green or red cabbage, carrots, celeriac. snow peas.

May we enjoy a rainy week of abundance, consolation and happiness,

Alon, Bat Ami, Maya, Dror and the Chubeza team