Aley Chubeza #135, November 19th-21st 2012

An Egg Shortage This Week

The Bentovich farm is suffering an egg shortage this week as well. The cold weather is slowing down the egg-laying pace, and a young flock taking their first steps in the henhouse is not yet at their top performance.

Unfortunately, there were no eggs for our Monday delivery, and we’re not sure about Wednesday. If you ordered eggs this week and did not receive them, there will be no charge, of course.

Eldad Bentovich is very hopeful that by next week, egg delivery will be back to normal.


This week we will not have an actual newsletter. A little too much has been going on outside our green, peaceful field, so we’ll have to make do with these few words:

Poom said farewell last week and went off to visit his family in Thailand for the next six weeks. We wish him a happy visit.

The greatly-heralded Jerusalem artichoke is making its debut this week in the larger boxes. Please greet him with joy, and try not to confuse him with a ginger root. Thanks to all of you who sent recipes. I will gradually include them in upcoming Recipe Corners, and I promise a festive newsletter in honor of the Jerusalem artichoke very soon.

Our lettuce is still patiently growing. The reason for the temporary intermission is the heat that remained till two weeks ago, which made the winter lettuce crop bloom. The next round of lettuce is almost ready and the lovely green heads return to our boxes this Wednesday.

The cruciferous family members are beginning to fill our winter boxes. The cauliflower, broccoli and kohlrabi have already paid a visit or two, and their brother the cabbage is fattening up to grace your boxes soon. Welcome, Cabbage! We’ve missed you so.

Before we end, we send great big hugs to Eli and Tamir, who have been drafted, with hopes to see you home safely, and to Alon and his family who are wandering. May they soon return to their homes, and may peaceful times prevail.

With hopes that peace and quiet return, along with the winds of growth and life,

Alon, Ya’ara, Bat Ami and the Chubeza team



Monday: Swiss chard, tatsoi or spinach, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, Dutch cucumbers, cauliflower or broccoli, kohlrabi; radish or daikon or turnips; scallions or chives; leeks (small boxes only)

In the large box, in addition: eggplant or pumpkin, beets, Jerusalem artichoke, cilantro

Wednesday: green onions, spinach, lettuce, daikon or radishes, cauliflower or broccoli, parsley, Dutch or English cucumbers, red beets, carrots, tomatoes, turnip – small boxes only

In the large box, in addition: kohlrabi, Jerusalem artichoke, cilantro or dill, slice of pumpkin



Kobi sent me this India style daal with beetroot leaves


Michal sent these recipes from her creative kitchen, using the latest Chubeza vegetables:

Pumpkin, Fennel, Celery, Jerusalem Artichoke, and Shallot Concoction

Slice all vegetables into cubes. Add approx. 2 tablespoons water and steam in a glass-lidded pot.

Add whole caraway seeds (kimel), chopped dill, a bit of chopped celery leaves, and coarse salt. (It comes out great!)


Fresh Spinach Salad (also delicious with tatsoi)

Mix soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil. Add pine nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame and nigella.