Aley Chubeza #123, August 6th-8th 2012

We are now completely out of delectable Samar dates for this season. Alas, we must now wait for several months till a new crop is harvested. Around November, I promise you a story about the peerless Barhi dates. Until that time, we shall wait patiently (or impatiently……).


Yiftach Bareket, our legendary organic-sprouted bread maker, no longer bakes bread for us. But, as you’ll see from this feature, he is now a legendary cook. As always, he works in his inimitable quiet, yet uncompromising manner. I was delighted to catch some Chubeza vegetables making cameo appearances in this video report.



Ruth from Jerusalem has asked us to inform our Jerusalem members of a suggestion to form a co-op to collect glass recyclables. The Vegetarian Center at #8 Balfour Street is prepared to serve as a collection point for the glass, on the condition that there are volunteers to make a once-a-month drive to the Givat Shaul Recycling Center with the bins of glass collected. In Ruth’s experience, this mission takes less than an hour. As Ruth says, “It’s such a shame to throw out glass (jars, non-returnable bottles, broken glass, etc.) that takes forever to biodegrade…It’s one little thing we can do to help our suffering planet!” To take part in this important initiative, contact Ruth at: [email protected], or phone 02-6732319.




True, it’s August. And as you look up and gaze at that clear blue sky above, you’ve got to wonder what cloud we’re talking about. But, aha! I’m just trying to remind you about Chubeza floating on the Internet Cloud, our headquarters for the new automated order system that we’ve just launched into space.

Since the introduction to the system in last week’s Newsletter, many of you have already tried out the system successfully, sending kind words, suggestions, questions and comments. I thank you all sincerely for this response, which is quite helpful to us. This week, I’ll give a brief review of the basics on how to operate the system, as well as some additional information. Once again, I invite you all to go over to this on-line system for any changes or additions to your orders.

Here’s the way it works:

  • Open this link: .
  • Choose  כניסה למנויים (Enter system)
  • Insert the email address you use for your Chubeza correspondence (the address where your invoices and bills are sent).
  • Press“שכחתי סיסמה” (forgot the password). The system will email you a password, and then…
  • Go back to the link and insert your email and password. You are now at your Chubeza account.

IMPORTANT! If you have no changes to make, you need not enter the system at all. Your fixed order will go out as always.

Upon entering the system, you will see these four tabs: מצב הזמנה, הזמנה קבועה, פרטים אישיים, יציאה. Here is a brief explanation of each:

  • מצב הזמנה (Your Current Order): Here you can view details of your current order, make changes, add additional products, write comments, cancel this order, etc. The system will ask your approval for the revised order, and then display the newly updated order. Please check it well before bidding farewell, making sure things are exactly as you desire.

Very important: if you receive your box every other week, and you cancel your order for this week, the system will automatically transfer your box to the next week. If you only want your box two weeks later, cancel this week and suspend your order for the next.

This tab is open for use from the day after your regular Delivery Day until noon the day before your next Delivery Date (i.e. from Tuesday to Sunday noon for the Monday Delivery group, and from Thursday to Tuesday noon for the Wednesday Delivery group).

The system closes down at 12:00 noon the day before your Delivery Day, either Sunday or Tuesday as the case may be. Please update the system prior to that deadline, or otherwise this will not be doable. Please do not delay or miss this deadline. Please do not send us late requests for changes.

  • הזמנה קבועה (Standing Order): At any given time, you can edit any changes here that are intended to continue in future orders (change the size of your boxes/ frequency/ add products to the fixed order, suspend the box for a few weeks, etc.) Note: if you’ve missed the last date to order, this new revision to your standing order will only go into effect in the next delivery.

  • · פרטים אישיים (Personal Details): This tab enables you to update personal details. However, if you’re making a change to your delivery address or your email address, kindly send this information to us in an additional email or phone call.

  • יציאה (Exit): Press here to leave the system. You will then find yourself on the Chubeza website, which will soon have a link to the Ordering System as well.

Of course, we’re still here (though we hope “here” is more in the field from now on) to explain and assist you in becoming acquainted with the system. Hoping it will be simple and beneficial for us all!

Once again, to our English speakers, please try your best to use the Hebrew-speaking system. But if there are ANY problems, don’t hesitate to email me!

With the hope and prayer that we’ll all enjoy a pleasant, summer week and not an oppressively hot summer week………..

Alon, Bat-Ami, and the Chubeza team

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ WHAT’S IN THIS WEEK’S BOXES?

Monday: parsley or coriander, lettuce, Chinese chives,  eggplant/corn, okra or green soybeans (edamame), tomatoes, cucumbers, a slice of Provence pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, yellow potatoes, Turkish turban squash or spaghetti squash or acorn squash

In the large box, in addition: Thai yard long beans, melon, onions


red bell peppers, corn, a slice of Provence pumpkin, tomatoes, chive or scallions, melon or watermelon, cucumbers, potatoes, parsley or cilantro or basil, cherry tomatoes, okra or green soybeans (edamame) or Thai yard long beans

In the large box, in addition: onions, eggplants, and butternut squash

And there’s more! You can add to your basket a wide, delectable range of additional products from fine small producers: granola and cookies, flour, sprouts, goat dairies, fruits, honey, crackers, probiotic foods, dried fruits and leathers and organic olive oil too! You can learn more about each producer on the Chubeza website. On our order system there’s a detailed listing of the products and their cost, you can make an order online now!