September 22nd-23rd 2020 – Shana Tova!

Changes in deliveries over the holiday season:


  • Monday deliveries move to Tuesday September 29 (Note: there will be no bread available, and probably no sprouts)
  • Wednesday deliveries as usual, September 30.

DURING THE WEEK OF CHOL HAMOED SUKKOT, THERE WILL BE NO DELIVERIES, i.e. no deliveries on Monday, October 5 or Wednesday October 7.

We’ll be back acharei hachagim!

Those who wish to increase the size and/or contents of your pre-holiday box, please send us an email or call as soon as possible.


We extend our great thanks to all who are keeping their empty Chubeza cartons and returning them to us for reuse. We are now able to recycle nearly half of all our cartons! Some of these boxes are actually reused three or four times, awarding us a significant savings in producing new boxes. This brings us great joy, and we thank you for your crucial contribution!

To ease your storage of the empty cartons until the arrival of our delivery team a week or two later, we recommend cutting along the taped sides and then flattening the cardboard.  Here’s a demonstration in this instructional video brought to you by our delivery people.


And now, from all of us at Chubeza to all of you:

May your New Year be blessed with wonderful, healthy days for you and your families!

 שנה טובה וכתיבה וחתימה טובה!



Teusday:  Basil/Swiss chard/New Zealand spinach, lettuce, corn, leeks/ onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, slice of pumpkin, coriander, eggplant, sweet potatoes.

Large box, in addition: Bell peppers, lubia Thai yard-long beans/okra, parsley.

FRUIT BOXES: Pears, oranges, peaches/nectarines. Small box, in addition: Apples. Large box, in addition: Plums

Wednesday:  Basil/Swiss chard/New Zealand spinach, corn, leeks/onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, slice of pumpkin, coriander/parsley, eggplant, sweet potatoes, bell peppers.

Large box, in addition: Lubia Thai yard-long beans/okra, lettuce, carrots.

FRUIT BOXES: Pears/banana, oranges. Small box, in addition: Apples, peaches/nectarines. Large box, in addition: Plums, avocado.