THANKS FOR VISITING ON CHUBEZA’S “OPEN DAY” (and What’s in Today’s Boxes!)

As Pesach and Mimouna celebrations close this week, we now have the distinct pleasure of thanking all those who worked so hard to make Monday’s Open Day at Chubeza a success. 

It was our great pleasure to host our guests, to greet well-known and new faces, to chat, nosh, play, create, tour, pick vegetables, take a bumpy tractor ride, and enjoy a sunny – and sometimes drizzly – day together.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful workers for their hard work in preparation – setting up the shed, leveling the ground by wheelbarrow, preparing cold water to drink, picking vegetables, and much more.

  • Thanks to Einat the Amazing for both organizing the sale of the vegetables and selling them with efficiency and a smile.
  • Thanks to Elior and Nanette, who manned the Refreshment Table where they never stopped washing, peeling, chopping and serving yummy vegetables to countless “noshers” (plus cajoling lots of kids into taking a taste of less-familiar veggies…)
  • Thanks to Gili for heading and operating the Arts & Crafts Corner with great aplomb, even when the paper folds didn’t quite fold and flexibility and creativity saved the day.
  • Thanks to Gabi for his tireless help everywhere, for nearly nonstop driving the tractor on its touring rounds, safely and responsibly (with almost no time to rest)

We are greatly blessed with a team of dedicated Thai workers who work mostly behind the scenes, but serve as the driving force behind much of the work in the field. We take this opportunity to praise and acknowledge them with great thanks.

We are also blessed with a great team of volunteers who come every week or two to help pack the boxes and make any changes you request. Ruti and Yossi, Alon, Melissa, Batya and Chana were not with us at the Open Day, but they are always with us throughout Chubeza’s daily routine. We are extremely privileged and grateful to have them with us.

And in recent years, a group of young Israeli workers has formed to devote their free time to lending a hand in Chubeza. Assaf, Gili, Elior and Daniel are part of this great team, and we thank them all for their significant efforts and help.

Thanks to all of you who came and made us happy by your own happiness at Chubeza. Thanks especially for braving the ominous weather forecast for rain and thunderstorms, and thanks for being together at our side – sometimes for many years – with your trust, encouragement and support.

Last but not least, this year we thank the rain, the thunder, the lightning and the heavy clouds which waited not only for the end of the tours in the field and the Open Day activities, but right through our efforts to disassemble the structures and take down the direction signs. Only then did the wild dance of mid-April rainstorms begin, and continue with a vengeance for three days running.

Wishing you all a continued pleasant cycle of seasons, of joy and health, growth and tranquility.

 Alon, Bat-Ami, and the entire Chubeza team



Thursday: Zucchini/potatoes, cabbage, Swiss chard/kale, kohlrabi/ fennel/turnips, lettuce, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, coriander/parsley, onions.         

Large box, in addition: Fava beans/garden peas or snow peas, garlic, parsley root.

FRUIT BOXES:  Oranges/clementinas, red apples, avocados, bananas,    pomelit.