July 10-12 2023 – Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t so easy…

It’s been two full weeks since the official arrival of summer. At June’s end, we were rewarded several additional days of not-terribly-hot weather, but from last week, those long, scorching days moved in to stay.

These are indeed Days of Beginning – the beginning of summer, which is already knocking at our door, and the beginning of an abundance of vegetables. The hot temperatures and the long daylight hours propel the upright corn stalks to soar, bloom, struggle, fertilize and produce heavenly sweet yellow cobs. The cucumbers are now ripening at a brisk summer pace. We’ve already bid a fond farewell to the fakus, more of an “end-of spring” crop. The tomatoes are blushing furiously as they becoming tastier than they could ever get in winter, joined by their cute little cherry tomato sisters in the juicy, joyful red procession.

Meanwhile, at the same rapid pace, the summer has stimulated the viruses to spread to our zucchini, whose elders are already beginning to warp as they ripen. (Not to worry: these are solely plant viruses, not human!)

The Chubeza crew gets incredibly hot by mid-day. Our water containers empty quickly, and we remind each other to drink. We all work with long-sleeved shirts to protect us from the relentless sunrays, and for the past few weeks the fans, misters, and coolers in the packinghouse have been making heroic efforts to cool off the facility. It’s still not oppressively hot, we know, and we truly appreciate the mild, temperate summer we’ve had till now.

And yet, the body that still recalls the cool pleasures of winter and spring must now get accustomed to the burden of summer. This is why it’s much harder for us now than during the peak of the season when we’re already accustomed to the heat.

This season is full of beginnings, reflected in the changing composition of your boxes. After remaining constant from week to week with only minor changes, the summer makeover is coming your way! Your box now abounds with corn (applause!!!), eggplants, peppers, melons and watermelons, yellow and green beans, and of course, pumpkins in a bevy of colors and sizes. (Our big Tripolitania pumpkins still aren’t ready, so we’re giving them all the time they need – till midnight, of course, when they turn into royal coaches…).  

Last week, the Jacket Parade proudly expanded. The yellow and green beans have now been joined by the green and red okra, yard-long Thai lubia, and incredible green soy or “ademame” as they’re best known. We’re sending you the adamame in bundles of pods-on-the-branches. Just separate the pods from the branches, steam or blanch them, add a shake of salt and a shpritz of lemon, and savor every bite!

Shavua Tov from all of us – Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Orin, and the entire Chubeza team



Monday:  Lettuce, Japanese Kabocha squash/spaghetti squash/butternut squash/acorn squash, leeks/onions, eggplant, slice of pumpkin/ yellow or green beans/okra/ademame/ Thai yard-long beans, potatoes, parsley/coriander, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon/ melon.

Large box, in addition: Cherry tomatoes/bell peppers, squash/zucchini, New Zealand spinach/basil.

FRUIT BOXES: Nectarines, grapes, plums, Anna apples. Large box: All of the above + bananas and mangos.

Wednesday:  Lettuce, Japanese Kabocha squash/spaghetti squash/butternut squash/acorn squash, leeks/onions, eggplant, slice of pumpkin/corn, potatoes, yellow or green beans/okra/Thai yard-long beans/cherry tomatoes, parsley/coriander,  tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon/ melon.

Large box, in addition: Bell peppers/squash/zucchini, New Zealand spinach/basil, ademame.

FRUIT BOXES: Nectarines, grapes, bananas, Anna apples. Large box: All of the above + plums.