September 26-27 2023 – veggie list

This week again – only the vegetables list –

But we would like to also remind you that we have an open day – this Sunday, October 1, between 13:00 to 17:00, here, in Kfar Ben Nun.

We will send you a detailed message about this later this week.



Tuesday: A slice of pumpkin/butternut squash, Lettuce, Potato, Eggplant (Regular/Balady/Japanese Finger), Okra/Thai yard long bean/Iraqi short beans, Sweet Potato, Leek, Cilantro/Parsley, Tomatoes/Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber , chard/New Zealand spinach.

Large box also: onion, popcorn, red pepper.

Fruit box: golden deliciuos apples, mango, avocado, pomelo. In the large box – larger quantities.

Wednesday: Lettuce, a slice of pumpkin/butternut squash, leek, cilantro/parsley/dill/basil, sweet potato, eggplant (Regular/Balady/Japanese Finger), cucumber, tomatoes/cherry tomatoes, Thai long bean/Iraqi short bean, Thai yard long bean/Iraqi short beans, Swiss chard/New Zealand spinach/arugula, potato.

Large box also: onion, popcorn, okra/pepper/zucchini.

Fruit box: apples, pomelo, banana. In the small box: mango/avocado. In the large box: mango and avocado.