Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is a direct, cooperative relationship between farm producers and community members. The CSA concept is a product of the turbulent ’60s — in Japan. As the country faced a loss of farmland due to development, a growing infiltration of imported foods, and the resulting exodus of farmers to cities, a group of Japanese homemakers approached a local farmer with the idea of making a financial commitment to the farm in exchange for fruits and vegetables. They entered into a contract, or teikei, literally “partnership,” but philosophically “food with the farmer’s face on it.” The concept took root and eventually spread.

How does this work?

You subscribe for a weekly fixed box of fresh produce from our organic farm, located at Moshav Kfar Bin Nun, near Latrun. In exchange, we grow quality vegetables and herbs just for you. Every week we pick the produce and deliver it to you (all of our clients receive basically the same box). All the crops are grown organically, healthier for the customer, the farmer, the animals and the soil. The farm is supervised and certified by “Agrior”, the Israel organic inspection agency. This relationship facilitates financial income for a small farm and provides members with fresh, unique and delicious produce.

The farm’s CSA delivers fresh seasonal produce weekly throughout the year. The contents of the box reflect the seasonal availability of the Ayalon Valley and vary from week to week. Each CSA box is accompanied by our weekly newsletter, offering news of the farm and information about featured produce. The newsletter is sent via email and also published on our website.

Why join a CSA?

  • You receive very fresh produce within 24 hours of harvest. This assures that your food will be nutritious and delicious. Most of the produce in supermarkets has traveled from far away, sometimes overseas. Lacking freshness, the taste and nutritional value suffer as well. Just bite into a fresh ear of corn and you will feel the difference…
  • You are introduced to new varieties of seasonal produce. We grow superior and unique varieties which not available in mass-market grocery outlets. We are open to your requests and feedback. Our website is filled with creative ideas on how to prepare and store your fresh produce (and here, too, your input is valued).
  • You will know where, how, and by whom your food is grown. More information emerges daily that links health to diet and the quality and freshness of the food we eat. The choice of your family’s farmer is as important as choosing your rabbi, doctor or lawyer. We take the responsibility for growing your family’s produce very seriously. To enrich your experience, farm visits are welcome – throughout the year we hold two “open farm days”, on Sukkot and Passover where you and your family are invited for a farm tour and festivities.
  • Your money goes directly to the farm and the people who grow your food. Every shekel of your share goes directly to the farm. A similar purchase at a supermarket may return a farmer as little as 20 percent. By participating in our CSA, you are supporting the farm’s community of year-round employees with steady, fair wages. Your financial support is a vote for the organic small farm.
  • You get organic produce at a fair price. Since we receive the full price you pay for the vegetable, without the added expense of middlemen, everybody wins: For a reasonable price, you can enjoy a delicious, diverse organic produce selection.