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August 12th-14th 2019 – The Long-Fingered Lady

Okra likes to prance around using her fancy name “Lady Fingers,” indicating that she must be treated with gentle respect: Before cooking it, the tip must be gently cut off, taking care not to hurt the pod. In olden times, when a groom’s family wanted to “check out” a bride, they handed her a knife, a pile of okra, and put her to work. If she was able to properly slice it, this meant she was gentle and skilled.

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Available now – Luach Shana Bagina an ilustrated calendar that is a companion for the Israeli home gardener. Each page is filled with *tips for your home garden *planting schedules *growing plants from seed to fruit * food conservation recipes *solar & lunar events, green events, and more.

This year they offer new products:


A tabletop calendar, Illustrated weekly planner and decorative magnets with planting schedules.

  • Coming soon – the English edition!!

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