Organic vegetables at your doorstep

May 25th-27th 2020 – On the Road

We share with you a great deal of news about work in the field: cultivating the land, selecting crop varieties, growing the vegetables, braving the gamut of weather extremities – in short: the life of a farmer. But we don’t usually shift our gaze to that crucial link that connects our field and your dinner plate: our loyal delivery people, bringing our vegetables to your doorstep, come rain, shine, corona, or more. Deliveries are the type of tasks we tend to offhandedly dismiss, but there is something so incredibly meaningful and important about this mission: connecting people, waiting for a response, bringing joy to individuals and families. This week I will tell you about the delivery team we are blessed with at Chubeza, using the Newsletter as a means to bring our delivery people to your door….

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What's new?

We’re picking up your empty boxes again!

As corona restrictions slacken, we are delighted to reassume the task of collecting your empty Chubeza cartons for us to recycle. Kindly leave them outside your door, and feel free to slit the tape and flatten them to save space. Our delivery people will pick them up when they deliver your boxes.

The Izza-Peziza Dairy will attach to their products reusable ice-packs. Kindly return these ice-packs together with your empty Chubeza carton to enable Izza-Peziza to recycle them  for future use.