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August 13th-15th 2018 – KING CORN – part I

For some time now, your boxes have proudly contained the king of summer, his royal highness The Corn. Every year it accompanies us from June to November, joins us as we bid the schoolyear farewell, enjoys our summer vacation and then goes back to school with us come fall. In essence, the corn crop begins to ripen in June, when the weather turns warm but still has an occasional breezy day, moves headlong into the intolerable heat of July-August and the heatwaves of September, breathes a sigh of relief in October, and makes certain that moderate weather has returned before saying goodbye in November. Now that’s what I call a king!

Corn is probably one of the first crops the Americans learned to grow. Approximately 7,000 years ago, some gleaners (probably Mayan women, or women of a neighboring tribe in Central America) noticed a spontaneous mutant among the weeds, a teosinte, with a cob that was longer and filled with seeds that were larger than your average ancient weed. Something sparked their intuition, and they tasted it – to their great delight.

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What's new?

In tribute to those who are serious about baking even in the scorching summer heat, Minhat Haaretz is offering a summer discount on spelt flour (whole or 70%) and teff flour. You get a free bag for every two you buy (2+1).

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The Shana B’agina calendar is back! A Calendar and a monthly guide for home gardening and foraging in nature in rhythm with the seasonal agriculture and local surroundings. 

Each page of the calendar offers an abundance of illustrated information: Professional tips for your home garden, Seeding and planting times, Growing plants from seeds to produce, Seasonal recipes and food conservation, Introducing the wonderful world of bees, Moon and sun times and specific “green” dates. A QR scan code on each page offers expanded information

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