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April 6-7, Chag Sameach!

There were times, say the elders
When a tumultuous storm would fall upon us
Shaking and trembling
A new, unknown language
The language of Kingdom, language of Eden, language of Star
And our inner self, that which has never been seen
And forbidden to touch
Expands and grows

Rivka Miriam 

It’s bizarre celebrating the festival of spring within the confines of our homes. It’s weird celebrating it in a small group without friends or family. The past weeks have evoked new emotions and an unrecognizable atmosphere. We are forced to practice patience, waiting, convergence. We must find solutions from within inner spaces, as opposed to finding the answers outside. Time takes on a new definition, one that is almost palpable, felt, present. So many new epiphanies over this period of time.

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The entire world is facing difficult times… 

In the meantime, work at Chubeza continues “as usual.

We send you our best wishes for the kindness, good health, resilience and strength to endure these challenging days.

Delivery schedule, Pesach thru Independence Day:

This week
Monday, April 6th – Deliveries as usual
Wednesday deliveries move up to Tuesday, April 7th. Order system closed on Monday at 9:00 AM

Chol HaMoed Pesach: No deliveries.

The last week of Pesach
Monday deliveries will not take place
Wednesday deliveries move to Thursday, April 16th. Order system will close on Tuesday at 9:00 AM.

From the week of April 19th – Deliveries as usual
(April 20th, April 22)

Week of Yom Ha’Atzmaut:
Monday, April 27th – Deliveries as usual
Wednesday deliveries will be moved to Thursday, April 30th. Order system closes on Tuesday at 9:00 AM.