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December 10th-12th 2018 – Underground Treasures

Our field is almost completely wintery. A stroll among the vegetable beds reveals the many farewells we’ve bade over the past month to most of the summer veggies. Their dry plots in their final days have been transformed to fresh chocolaty loosened soil and rows of tiny sprouts or young plants beginning their lives in the field.

But at the outskirts of our field remains one last jungle-like plot, with tall tangled plants in faded green, dry yellow flowers and longer leaves of a brown hue. But don’t be fooled –just below, the exciting world of the underground is bursting with life – thickening, filling out, ripening, and sneaking into (at least some of) your boxes on a weekly basis:

Introducing the star of this week’s Newsletter, the incredible sunroot, aka Helianthus tuberosus, or better yet the very confusing moniker: Jerusalem Artichoke.

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These days, there’s an abundance of greens in our boxes. To help identify them, see our Green Newsletter

 Samar dates are here! Choose from three varieties: Barhi, Dekel Nur or Zahidi. 

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