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January 18th-20th 2021 – The Green Hulk

This past weekend brought the much-anticipated rains. They came down gradually – sparsely on Wednesday night, with a fancier performance on Thursday night. Following a short respite over the weekend, the showers came in all their glory at the beginning of the week quenching our field’s thirst with more and more water. For us it’s perfect timing – the spring weather over the past three weeks allowed Gabi to continuously plow with his tractor, preparing the soil for the end- of-winter plantings. On Thursday, we were still able to work the land and   even able to seed our spring potatoes (“spring” for the season they will be ready), just before the major downpours.
And as winter has finally arrived, not merely on the calendar, we will clear the stage for an actual wintery vegetable that absolutely LOVES rain, gray skies and most of all – cold weather:

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