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July 27th-29th 2020 – Golden Slumbers – Kink Corn Part II

At Chubeza, we begin seeding corn (known by its more honorable, original name “Mahis”) at the end of March. The first two seeding rounds are one month apart. A short two-three weeks later it’s time for the next round of seeding and two weeks later another. Then begins a weekly seeding schedule. The reason for this fluctuation is the change in seasons and the rising summer temperatures. If the first round needed between 100-110 days to reach ripeness, the last rounds ripen within 80-90 days. Thus, these intervals between seeding rounds allow us to distribute sweet, juicy ears of corn in your boxes every week, or maximum every fortnight.

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What's new?

We’re picking up your empty boxes again!

As corona restrictions slacken, we are delighted to reassume the task of collecting your empty Chubeza cartons for us to recycle. Kindly leave them outside your door, and feel free to slit the tape and flatten them to save space. Our delivery people will pick them up when they deliver your boxes.

The Izza-Peziza Dairy will attach to their products reusable ice-packs. Kindly return these ice-packs together with your empty Chubeza carton to enable Izza-Peziza to recycle them  for future use.