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April 16th-17th-18th 2018 – count down

This time of the year, between Pesach and Shavuot, is an interesting time of change. As we count the days and weeks which pass from one holiday to the other, suddenly spring turns to summer.

In the past, Omer Counting marked the days between the beginning of barley harvest – the earliest of grains (which take their time filling up and ripening), harvested from the day after Pesach, till the beginning of wheat harvest,– towards Shavuot. The bread baked from barley flour was harder and coarser (usually, barley was used for animal food), and farmers and their families would actually count the days till they could bake nice, lithe loaves of bread, so much tastier. It is no wonder then that they counted the days till they could feast on soft pita bread…

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delivery changes for Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron):

Due to traffic challenges of Yom Hazikaron, next week:

Monday’s delivery as usual.

Wednesday’s delivery will move earlier, to Tuesday, April 17th.

Please note: Ramat-Gan & Givatayim delivery will be on Wednesday as usual



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April 16th-17th-18th 2018

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