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Summer is just around the corner (Israeli spring is so short…), and Tamir’s berries patch in Tekoa is open for the season!

The blueberries and raspberries are grown on detached beds inside large containers, receiving (non-organic) fertilization, but never sprayed.

Price: Blueberry – 16 NIS per 125-gram pack; 60 NIS per half-kilo pack; and 20 NIS per 125-gram raspberry pack.


The berriy season is short! (Only two months). Add them to your boxes now via our order system.

May 20-22, 2024 – Focus on Fakus

Over the last few weeks, we began harvesting our first beds of fakus, aka “Arabic cucumber.” For years, this event was followed by messages from you like, “This week I received two portions of zucchini (or cucumbers) in my box!” Thus, this year we hope to introduce those unfamiliar with the wonderful fakus, and ease its recognition by those in the know, by distributing the fakus alongside its cousins the zucchini and cucumber. (For now, the beginning of the fakus harvest, not all boxes will receive them.)

To properly meet the fakus and easily distinguish him from the zucchini, here’s what I learned from our longtime client Tzipi from Jerusalem: the fakus stem resembles that of a cucumber, not zucchini! If you received a light-colored elongated vegetable that kind-of-resembles-zucchini-but-kind-of-doesn’t, check out its stem (the part where it attached to the plant): if it is wide and star-shaped like a zucchini, well… it’s a zucchini. If it’s thin and willowy like a cucumber, then say hi to our friend the fakus.

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What's in this week's boxes?

May 20-22 - 2024

The list is updated on the delivery day, once we're done packing.


Scallions/celery stalk/bunch of turnips, fakus/bell peppers/eggplant, lettuce, red beets, potatoes, zucchini/squash, slice of pumpkin/sweet potatoes/acorn squash/butternut squash, parsley/dill/coriander/nana, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes/tomatoes, cabbage/melon. SPECIAL GIFT FOR ALL: Lalique lettuce!

Large box, in addition

Onions, carrots, Swiss chard/kale. 


Red apples/pears, bananas/pomelit/grapefruit,    avocados, nectarines/loquats (shesek).


Scallions/celery stalk/bunch of turnips, fakus/bell peppers/eggplant/sweet potatoes, lettuce, red beets, zucchini/squash, potatoes, acorn squash/butternut squash, parsley/dill/coriander, cherry tomatoes/tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage/melon. 

Large box, in addition

Onions, carrots/slice of pumpkin, Swiss chard/nana/basil..    


Red apples/pears, bananas/clemantinot, pomelit/grapefruit/avocados, peach.