December 26-28 – last week of 2022 – CHANGING OF THE SEASONS

Last week the seasons officially changed. On December 22nd, autumn made way for winter. Indeed, this week both the temperatures and welcome, wonderful rains dropped on Chubeza’s field. We are truly delighted, even as we know that sunny, warm days may lie just ahead in the crazy, volatile weather patterns of these past years.

In tribute to the changing of the seasons, there is also a farewell and a reunion in Chubeza’s  “Additional Products” section for distinctively delicious products to be ordered and delivered inside your Vegetable Boxes. This week, we’d like to tell you about some of the changes:



For over six years, we’ve been working in cooperation with the amazing Iza P’Ziza Dairy in Tal Shachar. Beyond the highest-quality of their cheeses, we were also captivated by how they raise animals in a manner that honors their rights and needs, without viewing them as a means by which to satisfy our human apetite. As such, when the nanny goats reach the end of their pregnancy, milking ceases all the way from just-before-birth through nursing and weaning the young, thus the baby goats are not separated from their nursing mothers.

As Iza P’Ziza’s owners explain:

An encounter between a human and an animal is usually accompanied by some type of feeling. In the persona of the animal, one can experience an age-old or brand-new emotion or experience. The goats seem to provide a profusion of such images to those who remain in their presence for a while.

Each year, starting from winter till the end of spring, the barn abounds with the sheer joy of new life, and our hands are filled with blessed work – it’s calving season. Visitors are invited to come enjoy the soft, sweet “kids” which are endlessly happy and jumping merrily. The very lucky visitors will actually be able to watch the calving, an extraordinary wonder. The baby kids enter a world of vitality, and within just moments they are up on their feet and immediately seeking their mom to suckle.

As  each year, presently most of the goats in the dairy are in various stages of pregnancy, and the Iza P’ziza crew has ceased milking the majority of the herd in preparation for calving. Over the past several weeks, they have been trying to keep the decrease in milk gradual, but from next week, the dairy will be forced to stop supplying products for the next few weeks to allow the nanny goats to rest and prepare for calving.

As mentioned, even after the calving, the milk will not return to the shelves at once, until the goats are weaned. Around February, when the milk yield rises once more, Iza P’Ziza will gradually return to supplying products.

In the meantime, Alon Tzaban and the Iza P’Ziza crew invite you to come to Moshav Tal Shahar to visit the goats, and maybe soon, the new additions as well. In their store on the premises, you can enjoy drinking delectable milk, natural yogurt and a variety of very special hard cheeses.


Meanwhile, following a “dry period” for tahina and halva, last week Kamel of AL-YASMEEN arrived to bring us a new, delectable stock of tahini, halva and also hard yogurt stone (aka jameed or Kishk). AL-YASMEEN’s tahina is ground by a traditional millstone specially chiseled by an expert mason who has plied his craft for decades. It indeed boasts the finest, highest quality. With no additives, no heating, no bells or whistles, this is simply exquisite sesame butter, as is.

The halva is made from the same high-quality tahini, and this time Kamel also gave us a special treat of cocoa halva – a sweet-chocolate surprise for the winter days.

“SINDYANNA OF GALILEE” has also sent us new harvest: excellent za’atar and fine-quality olive oil from their Galilean olive groves, distilled and preserved by Arab and Jewish women in an empowering partnership that preserves longtime local traditions and renews ties, productivity and the environment. All the profits of this non-profit enterprise are invested in social initiatives to foster women’s employment, implement a sustainable green economy, and create a bridge between communities.


And, last but not least, Samar’s spectacular organic dates have arrived at last after a long wait caused by this moist year’s delayed harvest. This is extremely good news for those who are already addicted and have missed and waited and longed for this sheer delicacy. And for the as yet uninitiated, Kibbutz Samar in the Eilot region grows the absolute finest organic dates. Add all three varieties to your vegetable box: Barhi“date toffee”soft, round and very sweet, best known in its fresh form as a yellow date. When Samar attempted to dry it on the tree like other varieties, they discovered that the flavor and texture of the dried Barhi is extraordinary. They’ve coined it “date toffee.”  Warning: it is deliciously addictive! Dekal Nur dates have also arrived, longer, darker and drier. They are milder and less sweet, bringing waves of nostalgia for those who love Yemeni or Iraqi dates. And the last and favorite is the Majhul – large, juicy and delectably sweet. Samar’s dates can be purchased in a 5-kilo boxes or in a 1-kilo package. (Majhul is available in small packages only).


One final reminder – although it may be strange to think of on rainy days (but the sun’s coming out again soon), in honor of its almost-the-end-of-the-stock, HAMATSESA is offering a great sale on its 8% alcoholic blend summer drink:  3 bottles (each 350 ml) for just NIS 77! You can combine flavors: Louisa, mint, green tea or chamomile, black tea and lavender.

Add these wonderful products and more to your vegetable box via our order system today! ENJOY!

Wishing you all a good week, and a pleasant winter that is cold outside but warm in your heart!

Alon, Bat-Ami, Dror and the entire Chubeza team



Monday: Fresh onions/scallions, turnips/daikon/kohlrabi, Swiss chard/kale/winter spinach/arugula/totsoi, lettuce, carrots, parsley/coriander/dill, yellow string beans/garden peas/Jerusalem artichokes/sweet potatoes, white or red cabbage/cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli.

Large box, in addition: Baby radishes/ beets, celery/celeriac, fennel.

FRUIT BOXES: Orange or red oranges/pomelit/clementinas, red apples, avocados, bananas, pomegranates.

Wednesday: Fresh onions/scallions, Jerusalem artichokes/turnips/daikon/baby radishes, kohlrabi/fennel, Swiss chard/kale/winter spinach/arugula/totsoi, lettuce, carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli.

Large box, in addition: Celery/celeriac, parsley/coriander/dill, white or red cabbage.

FRUIT BOXES: Red oranges/pomelit/clementinas, red apples, avocados, bananas, pomegranates.