At Chubeza, we value the direct connection between consumers and producers and encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the food they eat and the way it’s produced. We aim to offer a variety of natural non-industrial foods, free of additives and preservatives, as healthier alternatives for consumers, producers and the environment. This type of person-to-person economic relationship also contributes to the support and continued sustainability of local independent businesses.

To this end, we have partnered with a number of local producers and cottage industries to make their products available for you to add to your boxes: organic fruit, organic sprouts, organic olive oil, sourdough and gluten-free breads, granola, organic dates and almonds, organic garbanzo beans, organic flour and semolina, goat dairy products, natural honey, organic date honey, sesame butter, ground coffee, organic health snacks, organic and gluten-free crackers, raw foods, dried fruits and leathers, juices and nectars, cider, jams, apple vinegar and quality spices. 

Below is a brief description of each of our affiliated producers. A detailed list of items and prices can be found here. Orders via our online order system (for registered Chubeza members) will be included in your vegetable box for home delivery.

Iza Pziza Goat Dairy

The contented goats of Iza P’ziza in Tal Shachar are raised in well-ventilated pens and feed on mash and hay. For nanny goats, milking ceases just prior to birthing, through nursing and weaning the young. Iza P’ziza’s milk undergoes only basic pasteurization and is not homogenized. The dairy’s impressive selection of goat-milk products ranges from fresh milk to aged cheeses.

Ish Shel Lehem Bakery

From a very special bakery in Moshav Ginaton, Ido Blaushtein bakes an assortment of sourdough breads from organic and whole flours, free of yeast, sugar or oil. The bakery also offers a range of additional products including crackers and granola, available in gluten-free and sugar-free varieties.

Lehem Pele - Gluten-free Leavened Bread

Shirly of Moshav Hogla bakes phenomenal bread made of only gluten-free whole grains, sprouted legumes and flax, stone-ground and kneaded to rise by traditional methods. Her loyalty to traditional, old-fashioned breadmaking creates tasty, nutritious vegan bread, rich in whole protein and fiber, with a low glycemic index.

Minhat Ha’aretz Mill - Organic Flours

In a small flour mill in Hadera, Asaf and Arik stone-grind a variety of grains. a variety of grains. From the moment it’s ground, the flour is kept refrigerated to prevent insect infestation. Asaf and Arik’s rich, varied product line ranges from wheat (local), spelt and rye to specialty flours.

Organically grown sprouts

Noam Cohen Levy's sprouts,are grown in Moshav Satria near Rehovot. They start from organic seeds, and grow without spraying and fertilization, and without artificial conditions such as cooling, heating or lighting. The work is done manually, without heavy tools. All crops are grown organically, from the seed stage to packaging and receive the best conditions to be healthy, nutritious and strengthening.

Udi's Organic Sprouts and Mushrooms

Udi Gross & friends raise delicious, healthy organic sprouts in Moshav Ahituv. These sprouts are hand-grown from organic seeds on a bed of ground coconut and compost, free of pesticides, with great attention and love. The sprouts are joined by fine-quality organic mushrooms.

Organic Almonds, Humus, Teff, Olive Oil and Natural Honey

The Kibbutz Ein Harod Agricultural Cooperative grows olives, humus, organic teff and almonds, continuing the tradition of the Jezreel Valley pioneer farmers who came before them over the last century. Organic farming has also been vital to Kibbutz Ein Harod to preserve “their” valley and the health of its residents. Their beehives have been producing pure honey, free of sugar or added preservatives, for over 80 years.

Tamir’s Honey

Tamir, a scion of Ethiopian beekeepers, devotedly and lovingly cultivates his beehives near Moshav Sha’al in the Southern Golan Heights to produce natural, high-quality honey. No added sugar, no heating, and the minimum of artificial intervention possible.

Sindyanna of Galilee - Organic Olive Oil, Carob Syrup & Za’atar

“Sindyanna of Galilee” in Kfar Kanna is a non-profit enterprise devoted to creating social change by connecting Arab and Jewish women who harvest, pack and market excellent quality, fair trade and prizewinning olive oil, carob syrup and za’atar (hyssop).

Organic Olive oil

In Rotem, in the north of the Bekaa, Didi and Dhira Amossi make organic olive oil, which is the fruit of daily family labor, simply with love and joy. They offer excellent virgin olive oil in a selection of selected varieties: Suri, Picual, Leccino, Picholine and a home mixture of varieties.

Al-Yasmeen – Tehina, Halva and other Treats

In Abu Ghosh, chef Kamel Hashlamon hand-grinds choice Ethiopian sesame on traditional millstones to prepare tehina: white, whole, red and black-sesame tehina. From the Tehina, he also make sweet halva.In addition, he offers “Dibas” grape honey and pomegranate syrup, both made from 100% fruit, and Jameed - yogurt "stone" hard cheese.

Silan, Juices, Olives & Organic Fruit Treats

Kibbutz Neot Semadar in the Southern Negev Desert is home to a large, varied organic farm producing such fine-quality products as excellent organic silan (majhul), wonderful olives & tapenade, delicious juices and healthy snacks (fruits & grains, with no additives).

Samar Organic Dates and Silan

Kibbutz Samar in the far south of the country grows spectacular dates: large, juicy majhul; barhi – “date toffee” – soft and very sweet, dekel nur – mild-tasting for cooking & baking, & zahidi – rich in nutritional fiber and iron. All these varieties are used in preparing Samar’s excellent silan.

Schif Farm - Organic Pecan

On a vintage, abundant farm, the Schiff family of Moshav Beit Hanan grows organic fruit trees. During winter, their superb citrus fruits fill your fruit boxes. In addition, they grow organic pecans, shelled and delicious.

Blueberries & Raspberries

In a small plot of land in Tekoa, Gadi and Tami grow superb blueberries and raspberries, painting the landscape in blue and purple hues. Blueberries and raspberries require acidic soil, thus they are grown in large containers on a detached bed. The yummy berries are (non-organically) fertilized with no spraying whatsoever.

Hamatsesa - Juices, Cider, Fruits Jams & Natrual Apple Vinegar

At Hamatsesa in Moshav Givat Ye’arim, excess summer fruits are squeezed to produce alcoholic cider and apple cider vinegar, and used to make superb jams from apples, pears and nectarines. All products consist of 100% fruit, free of preservatives.

Shoreshei Zion Vegan Raw Crackers, Granola, Chocolate and Nut Spreads

Eliezer and Roz Tzion of “Shoreshei Tzion” prepare distinctive vegan foods in their boutique factory in Beit Shemesh, including granola, crackers, nut spreads & chocolate. Each delicious product is made from “live” raw materials, in keeping with their conviction that we have the power to heal ourselves by the food that we eat.

Herbal Tea Infusions

David Ross prepares tea infusions from plants that can be found naturally in Israel, each mixture was developed with inspiration from different natural areas in the country: the Aravah and the Galilee, Jerusalem and the Valley of Elah, Ein Gedi and the Carmel. The mixes, which are all gluten-free and caffeine-free, come packaged, 20 bags (compostable), in a painted and durable roll, and after use it is recommended to reuse it to store whatever you want 🙂

Blueberries & Raspberries

In a small plot of land in Tekoa, Gadi and Tami grow superb blueberries and raspberries, painting the landscape in blue and purple hues. Blueberries and raspberries require acidic soil, thus they are grown in large containers on a detached bed. The yummy berries are (non-organically) fertilized with no spraying whatsoever.