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What's new?

First week of April, when Pesach begins:

– Monday deliveries as usual, Monday, April 3rd

– Wednesday deliveries will be moved up to Tuesday, April 4th

There will be no deliveries over Chol Hamoed, the intermediate days of Pesach.

– No deliveries on Monday, April 10th. For those who receive a delivery once every two weeks, there will be a three-week gap between deliveries. If you wish to shorten this gap, please contact us. (Don’t add a box by yourself—this will not solve the gap problem.)

– Wednesday deliveries will be postponed till Thursday, April 13 

OPEN DAY: We are delighted to invite you to celebrate Open Day in Chubeza’s field.
This year’s Chubeza’s Open Day will take place on Monday, (19 Nisan) April 10th.
The Open Day gives us a great chance to meet, tour the field, nosh on yummy vegetables and talk. do arts-and-crafts projects and cooking, and wide-open spaces to run free.
We will offer fresh vegetables for sale to enable you to replenish your supply.
We are now open to new clients. This is also a great opportunity to introduce your friends to Chubeza! If you have friends who would like to get to know us, invite them to the Open Day! It’s a perfect opportunity to see what Chubeza is all about.
We look forward to seeing you all!

March 20-22 2023 – Full Power

Mid-to-late winter is the season when the fresh fava bean cheerful leaps into Chubeza, joining its sweet cousin, the pea. In the meantime, it appears that the fearless fava has managed to make it though the climate-craze relatively unscathed. If you still can’t recognize the fabulous fava, let us casually mention his pedigree – a venerable legume family member – and describe his chubby elongated green pods, complete with a soft, cottony inner lining.
In Bialik’s garden bed (a famous Hebrew children song), the poor, solitary fava broods over his empty pods. I’m guessing this party did not take place in late winter with spring around the corner, because there is no way on earth that our fava is not out boogying and partying with the garden-bed guys. As the weather warms up, his pods are filling up and generously filling our harvest buckets and your boxes. Go party!

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What's in this week's boxes?

March 20-22 2023

The list is updated on the delivery day, once we're done packing.


Lettuce, cabbage, kohlrabi/turnips/daikon, carrots/zucchini, fava beans, garden peas or snow peas/sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, celeriac/parsley root. Small boxes only: kale/Swiss chard.

Large box, in addition:

Fennel/bunch of beets with leaves, leeks/green garlic/scallions, coriander/parsley/dill, pair of red & green “baby” lettuce.


Oranges/pomelas, apples/strawberries, avocados, bananas, clementinas.


Lettuce, cabbage, kohlrabi/turnips/daikon, carrots/sweet potatoes,  fava beans, garden peas or snow peas, potatoes/zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, celeriac/parsley root, kale/Swiss chard/bunch of beets with leaves.

Large box, in addition:

Leeks/green garlic/scallions /onions, coriander/parsley/dill, pair of red & green “baby” lettuce.


Oranges/pomelas, apples, avocados, bananas, clementinas.