The Box: What vegetables are included? In what quantity? At what cost?

Every week, you receive a different assortment of 10-15 fresh organic vegetables. Our selection features seasonal open field vegetables, but due to the high demand for salad vegetables, we endeavor to include tomatoes and cucumbers throughout the year. Occasionally we acquire certain fruits and vegetables from fellow organic farmers.

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We offer two box sizes:
Small box – 90 NIS – 10-11 different types of vegetables. Suitable for one to two persons, or those who do little cooking.
Family box – 115 NIS – approximately 14-15 different types of vegetables. Suitable for a family of 4, or those who cook most of their meals at home.

See one of our most recent newsletters for a description of list of the contents of this season’s boxes.

How and when is the box delivered?

There are 3 options:

  1. Home delivery
  2. Individual collection from a neighborhood pick-up point
  3. Pick-up directly from the farm.

Monday deliveries are to Tel-Aviv (only till Ha-Yarkon), Modi’in, Jerusalem, Gush Etzion and the Jerusalem suburbs.

Wednesday deliveries are to Jerusalem, north Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan. Boxes are delivered between 3:00-10:00 PM

Pick-up points are located in Tel-Aviv (Kiryat Shalom, Florentine, Nachmani, Hadar Yosef), Ramat Gan (Ramat Chen) and Jerusalem (French Hill, Kiryat HaYovel, Beit HaKerem, Talbiyah, Katamon and Baka).

What is the cost of delivery?

Home delivery: 20 NIS per delivery
Delivery to pick-up point in the city: 10 NIS per delivery
Delivery to pick-up point outside the city: 10 NIS per delivery

May I choose the contents of my box each week?

Yes…and no. Unlike other farms and companies, we do not offer a standard delivery service, but a subscription to a farm. Every week you receive a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, but not by personal order. Of course we want you to be happy and stay with us, so we have no intention of drowning you in turnips or Swiss chard, which is why we grow a variety of vegetables and fill the boxes adequately. We try hard to balance the types of vegetables: cooking vegetables and those eaten raw, “hard” vegetables, leafy vegetables and herbs. Part of the fun comes in the surprises awaiting you in every week’s box, and the pleasure of preparing and eating veggies you usually wouldn’t buy when they’re unfamiliar, hard to find, or exorbitantly priced.

To get an impression of what we grow, take a look at our harvest schedule.

At the end of the season, we ask you to fill out a satisfaction questionnaire to help us plan the crops to be planted for next year.

Still… what if I really don’t want something?

Where special circumstances exist, we will take your situation into consideration and allow minor changes in the contents of the box. Talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.

What if there is too much or too little produce in my weekly share to suit my needs?

Large families or vegetarian families, who consume many vegetables, may want to buy two or more portions. On the other hand, if you’re interested in getting a CSA share but afraid there may be more food than you can use in a week, you can subscribe for an every-other-week delivery, or share a box with neighbors or friends.

Will there be fruits in my box?

We grow mainly annuals, and have no trees or bushes. During the summer, we grow melons and watermelons.

If you do want fruit, you may add a box of organic fruits, grown and packed by Hilaf and the “Melo Hatene” farm staff in Karmei Yosef, just around the corner from our farm.

Are there other products I can add to my box?

There are many more products and great cultivars you can add to your vegetable boxes. The common denominator is that they are produced or grown by local, small manufacturers. We do not necessarily search for “basic products” which you can find easily in your city stores. We wish to introduce you to the people who use their own hands to make tasty, quality products. More information about additional products, including fruits can be found here.

Are you certified organic?

Yes. The farm is inspected and certified by “Agrior,” the Israeli inspection and certification body. Agrior is IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) accredited. Additional information about Agrior and organic agriculture in Israel can be found on the Israel Bio-Organic Agriculture Association website at: http://www.organic-israel.org.il

Most of the fields are already organic, while one is stil in the process of turning organic. Growing and cultivating vegetables in all of the fields are done according to the strict organic rules, from digging the plots till the vegetables reach your boxes.

What about Kashrut?

We have Kashrut certification from Rabbi Naftali Shlomo, rabbi of the Gezer Regional Council. At his instruction, we plant to avoid Kilaim in the field, and Trumot U’Measrot are taken each week from our harvest.

 What are the payment options?

We are most comfortable with credit card payments, but you can also pay by cash or checks.

Can I try it out for a short period of time to see if I like it?

Sure! Those who wish to do so may select our ‘4-week trial’ plan. If you would like to discontinue after this trial period, you must inform us. If we do not receive a cancellation notice we presume that you are staying with us, and continue to send the boxes.