I first laid eyes on our field October 2003. The thorny weeds  were man-high, but in my passionate, blind love, I knew this was a sign of fertile land and great promise.

Our farm now numbers some 12.5 acres and is located in the fields of Kfar Bin Nun, on the Latrun-Ramle road in the Ayalon Valley. We market the combined vegetable produce in a way that affords a connection between farmers and the community.

The plots are located physically inside the moshav of Kfar Bin Nun, peeking mischievously from between the houses, adding grace, beauty, and an old-fashioned aura to the modern moshav.  Each plot has its own unique characteristics: one drains well, another becomes a swamp during wintertime, in one the earth is deep and easy to cultivate while in yet another we try to only grow the shallow areas.  There is a plot that is located alongside an olive grove, while another looks out on the neighbor’s home vegetable garden. Our main plot is adjacent to a charming little grove of trees where we hold our open days.

A majority of the plots have already been organic for the past few years, while others began the process two years ago. They have undergone detox and are now taking their first steps in the chemical-free world as they transform to becoming organic.

We may no longer be “green” in the profession, but we are still growing together with our plants, learning so much from them. Like our plants, we too are renewing each season, investing effort, energy and great hopes for bountiful yields.

The Faces Behind the Greens

Alon Efrati

Partner and farm manager. An agronomist by profession, Alon brings to Chubeza his many years of experience in vegetable agriculture and beneficial plants. He has a vast knowledge of medicinal herbs, wild plants and plants in general. Alon worked in a small permaculture farm in South Africa, specializing in the combined vegetable garden. He holds a degree in agricultural studies from the Hebrew University’s Rechovot Faculty. While at school, he started a home vegetable garden to (literally) get his hands dirty. Alon has been a part of Chubeza from the beginning, and began managing the farm in 2004.

Bat Ami Sorek

Founder, co-manager, responsible for the client community. With a background and experience in the realms of education and therapies, Bat Ami began studying and specializing in organic agriculture in the U. S. West Coast in 2000. Here she took a local gardening course in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked in two organic farms that managed to survive, despite it all, in the heart of Silicon Valley. One was a combined vegetable garden. She specialized in various ways of direct marketing from the farmer to consumer: village store, farmers market and CSA. Bat Ami returned to Israel in 2003 to establish “Chubeza,” and came back for good in 2008 to co-manage the farm.