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November 28-30, 2022 – How Beautiful is the Rain!

Even with the fast pace of life, and concrete stretching across vast expanses, we still maintain a basic yearning for rain and the lively wet-and-wildness it brings. When I tried to find answers to the question “what is that scent after rain?” I found scientific explanations (to follow) alongside a palpable gush of yearning for that smell, the memories it evokes of childhood and home, to a time and place where we started to grow, to send out roots and reach a specific starting point. Perhaps this is why it stirs in one’s heart a feeling of renewal and a fresh, new start.

המשיכו לקרוא »

The fruit box content change with the season and turns “wintery” – citrus fruit, avocado, banana, apples… and as usual in winter, the price of the box is uniform: NIS 70.

You are welcome to add fruits to your vegetable order through our ordering system.