Organic vegetables at your doorstep

April 5th-7th 2021 – Salad festival

When I slice a salad, I always start with several fresh, crisp lettuce leaves. Even a salad consisting solely of lettuce would be just fine with me. Sometimes this brings my fellow diner to try to fish out only the “true vegetables” from the bowl, while musing aloud as to why I think he is a rabbit…

There are those who believe that lettuce is a mere garnish meant to be pushed aside in order to get to real food, and that filling the salad bowl with lettuce is deceiving: the bowl full of lettuce creates volume, yet in fact this is just empty fare. Or is it? To fundamentally disprove the hype that lettuce is actually Styrofoam disguised as a vegetable, lettuce dedicate this week’s Newsletter in praise of….lettuce!

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