Organic vegetables at your doorstep

August 3rd-5th 2020 – The Long-Fingered Lady

The day okra appears in your boxes, you know that summer has arrived in full force. Because okra is a summer tale of a plant born in Africa, which migrated north to the Arabian lands and the Middle East before eventually reaching the American Deep South aboard slave ships. In every locale, it flourished in the great heat.
This is also a tale of family warmth – of memories from our mothers’ and grandmothers’ (and lately our fathers’ and grandfathers’) kitchen, of delicious dishes whose magic is so much greater than the actual ingredients. Here too, warmth is a central component.
In my family as well, okra is a family tale. My father, a full-fledged Yekke (Jew of German origin) is an avid fan of okra and he passed his legacy on to us

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What's new?

We’re picking up your empty boxes again!

As corona restrictions slacken, we are delighted to reassume the task of collecting your empty Chubeza cartons for us to recycle. Kindly leave them outside your door, and feel free to slit the tape and flatten them to save space. Our delivery people will pick them up when they deliver your boxes.

The Izza-Peziza Dairy will attach to their products reusable ice-packs. Kindly return these ice-packs together with your empty Chubeza carton to enable Izza-Peziza to recycle them  for future use.