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November 12th-14th 2018 –  A Tale of a Carrot

Winter is its season. The carrot does not appreciate warm weather, but adores the cold. It can even grow under a blanket of snow. Now that the weather has cooled off a bit, the carrot has finally become a frequent guest in our field and your boxes. We seed several carrot beds every few weeks, and after several months pull out bed after bed of juicy orange corkscrew roots, week after week.
Countless research studies have been conducted to examine this basic veggie, so common and beloved, generating a wealth of information on the carrot’s healthy components and its ability to maintain our health and to spur healing.
But still there’s a hint of mystery lying in the root. What meets the eye as we stroll by the carrot bed is only its bad-hair-day hairdo and the edge of its scalp. But when we tug it out of the soil – voila! Orange happiness retrieved from the dark underworld…

המשיכו לקרוא »

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These days, there’s an abundance of greens in our boxes. To help identify them, see our Green Newsletter

Autumn is positively here, the assortment of organic fruits is limited to bananas, avocados and citrus fruit.

The good news is – the price of winter fruit is far lower than summer fruit! So we can assemble an impressive fruit box for you at a much lower price. During winter we’ll have a one size winter fruit box filled with juicy, delicious fruits. The cost: 70 NIS.

Have a happy, sweet autumn!

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November 12th-14th 2018

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