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September 17th-20th 2018 – How sweet it is to be loved by you….

Though she’s frequented our boxes for several weeks now, she actually started out with us four months ago (perhaps more). For our part, we’ve been at her side observing the various stages of her growth and snapping shots for her fashion model portfolio. So in the spirit of these days, characterized by less talk and more silence, this week it’s a glossy look at our glamorous redheaded friend – the sweet potato (aka yam).
Growing sweet potatoes is a lesson in faith, imagination and hope. This is how it works:

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What's new?

In honor of the Tishrei holidays – changes in deliveries

Over the week of Yom Kippur:
♦ Monday deliveries as usual (Sep 17th).
♦ Wednesday deliveries will be moved to Thursday, Sept 20th

During Chol HaMoed Sukkot: No deliveries, thus, no boxes on Monday and Wednesday, the 24th and 26th of September .

Over the week of Simchat Torah:
♦ Monday deliveries move to Tuesday, Oct 2
♦ Wednesday (Oct 3) deliveries as usual.

Open Day at Chubeza The Sukkot Open Day will take place on Thursday, Sept 27, the 18th of Tishrei (third day of Chol HaMoed) between 12:00-5:00 PM. Driving instructions are on our website under “Contact Us.” Please make sure you check this before heading our way.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach and Shana Tova!