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July 16th-18th 2019 – Reddish charm part 2

In last week’s newsletter, we regaled you with the historical and geographical journeys of the tomato. This week, we will focus on our very own tomatoes growing in Chubeza’s fields. Naturally, tomatoes have been with our farm from the very first year. The tomato’s centrality in the Israeli kitchen, the Israeli salad and garden made it a “must” in our weekly boxes. However, we soon discovered that what is taken for granted in the kitchen does not always come about so easily in the field.
The chubby rosy-faced tomato goes through a lot from the moment it is planted in the fertile specially-prepared soil till it arrives at its red fullness ready for harvest: it’s protected, cultivated, tied up to stand erect, fertilized, watered, and caressed by sunrays. It is sought after by charming bees, attacked by ruthless, cunning moths, while unruffled, it continues to patiently crawl its way to the sweet ripeness you meet in your boxes.

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What's new?

In tribute to those who are serious about baking even in the scorching summer heat, Minhat Haaretz is offering a summer discount on spelt flour (whole or 70%) and teff flour. You get a free bag for every two you buy (2+1).

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The Shana B’agina calendar is back! A Calendar and a monthly guide for home gardening and foraging in nature in rhythm with the seasonal agriculture and local surroundings. 

Each page of the calendar offers an abundance of illustrated information: Professional tips for your home garden, Seeding and planting times, Growing plants from seeds to produce, Seasonal recipes and food conservation, Introducing the wonderful world of bees, Moon and sun times and specific “green” dates. A QR scan code on each page offers expanded information

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July 23rd-25th 2018

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