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January 14th-16th 2019 – It’s soooo COLD

It’s been sooooo cold over the past weeks. We find ourselves mummified in our coats throughout the day, constantly rubbing our hands together, jumping up and down to warm up those toes… Even on sunny days its hard to defrost, and most of the times the warmish weather is temporary – only two to three hours in the afternoon, after which the Arctic cold plunges down on us once more. Even our vegetables feel this cold – sweet potato yields that need at least 10 degrees have been tugged out of the earth and completely distributed. The rest of them are growing, but it’s happening verrrrrrry slowly. True, carrots and beets are accumulating sugars in their root bulbs and we love their wintry sweetness, but they too are taking their sweet time till they thicken and get ready for harvest.

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