May 25th-27th 2020 – On the Road

Bukra fi Mishmish
Good news from Mipri Yadeha: “Absolute Apricot” leather is back! – and like all MY products, made with love from only Israeli fruit with no additives whatsoever (no added sugar, preservatives, coloring or even water). Just 100% natural goodness.
In the family of fruit, apricots stand out as having a particularly sudden and quick season. The expression in Arabic, “Bukra fi mishmish,” means figuratively, “Anything is possible,” just as one morning we awake to the seemingly impossible appearance of suddenly ripe apricots.
So, in the spirit of joyful surprises, miracles great and small, such as back to school, a renewal of health, peace among people , we wish all bukra fi mishmish, may we wake in the morning to a world of ________ and without ______ (fill in yourselves).

People with a mission

We share with you a great deal of news about work in the field: cultivating the land, selecting crop varieties, growing the vegetables, braving the gamut of weather extremities – in short: the life of a farmer. But we don’t usually shift our gaze to that crucial link that connects our field and your dinner plate: our loyal delivery people, bringing our vegetables to your doorstep, come rain, shine, corona, or more. Deliveries are the type of tasks we tend to offhandedly dismiss, but there is something so incredibly meaningful and important about this mission: connecting people, waiting for a response, bringing joy to individuals and families. This week I will tell you about the delivery team we are blessed with at Chubeza, using the Newsletter as a means to bring our delivery people to your door….

In the field, we conduct the activities at hand in our own little inner circle, whilst during packing and delivery we face the exterior: you. Suddenly movement becomes less and less circular, extending its arms like a starfish to the various   directions. On harvest days, our delivery team gathers one by one in friendship, organizing their daily tasks, exchanging thoughts and suggestions, marking the boxes and helping one another load them onto the cars. And then, when all the boxes are safely in place, they each set off on their appointed routes to deliver the boxes to your homes.

Our delivery crew includes men of differing ages, hailing from various places and an array of pursuits: some devote their entire week to deliveries, while others are involved in quite different lines of work as well. Some live nearby Chubeza, while others are a long way from home. There are veteran workers who have been with us for years, and others who just recently joined us. This week, let us introduce you to them all:

North and East crew: Chubeza’s team in the Jerusalem-Modi’in area

Dror, the veteran of the group, is family (Alon’s brother), thus he has been with Chubeza for many years from the very beginning. The father of 9, he lives in Charish. Many of you know him beyond his deliveries to Modi’in, Jerusalem and the outskirts of Jerusalem, as being in charge of clients. The voice behind our phone and emails, Dror is the loyal caretaker of your requests, references and questions.

Ziv, too, mans the Jerusalem-Gush Etzion route. He lives in Teko’a, father of 4, who began as a veteran client of Chubeza (many years ago.) Aside from his work as a deliveryman, Ziv is a musician, drummer and singer who performs throughout the entire country. Plus, he lectures and facilitates groups on the vast topics of interpersonal relationships, listening and being present. Music is also a tool he uses to treat at-risk teenagers.

Ziv on his experience as a delivery person: Our home champions additive-free food, and we actually started our relationship with Chubeza as clients, enjoying the delicious vegetables for years… It is a great privilege to take part in this providential endeavor, being of service to people who support these values and enjoy the fine products. When I deliver, I leave the box by the door and move on, but when we encounter clients, my heart is warmed by the smiles and mutual appreciation!

On Wednesday, Jerusalemites are joined by another musician Matan, father of 3 who lives in Jerusalem. Matan is a drummer and producer of Simchat Ha-Ketsev (‘The joy of rhythm’) drumming circles and activities for children and youth. In addition, he sings and preforms at Nigun Mechuvan (‘The Tempered Tune”). Some of you may remember him from fun drumming circles he conducted on Open Days at Chubeza. Matan is the ‘greenhorn’ of our delivery people, joining only several months ago yet fitting in instantly with expertise and devotion.

South and West team – Our people in the coastal plain

Alon (a popular name for Chubeza staff) from Mesilat Zion has been working with us for almost 14 years, over which we saw the birth of his 3 children… Having started out in the field, he is well-acquainted with the story of each vegetable from seed to harvest. Like all our field workers, his blood and sweat are interwoven in the clumps of Chubeza soil. For some years now, Alon has been teaching agriculture and sciences for special ed. Students, and today he works with at-risk teens at the Tafnit school. We are graced by his presence on Mondays as well when he arrives to distribute boxes to the Rishon Letzion, Rechovot and Mazkeret Batya areas.

Eyal is a proud father of 3 boys and a girl, all grown up, who lives in Gan Yavneh and is a professional photographer. After many years of working as a photographer in various areas of journalism, he now focuses on agricultural photography and aspires to become a drone photographer. Aside from this vocation, he also delivers from organic farms, and brings Chubeza products to the Ono Valley, Tel-Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim.

Eyal: when I was offered this job, I must admit I did not know what I was getting into. I was surprised to discover that the mission of delivery is indeed a mission in many ways. Delivery days begin very early in the morning.  I arrive at Chubeza refreshed, load the chockful-of-fresh-veggies boxes, make sure I have everything, and set off on my way while the car fills with the scent of fresh vegetables that follows me throughout the day. I enjoy working hard in the service of values and human beings, and the deliveries keep me in shape. I am happy to be the link between the organic farm and the people at home.

The road to Tel-Aviv also belongs to David, who resides in Rechovot and is father to two cute little kids 😊. David has been with us for approximately two years, but has been in the organic vegetable delivery trade for over 10 years. He works for various farms, and his many years on the road have led to a wealth of fascinating experiences.

I love deliveries, and feel there is more to it, a satisfaction I feel by being able to deliver a box of health to a client, at times against all odds.

Another driver who constantly drives into the city is Lev, our Monday and Wednesday man who delivers vegetables to Tel Aviv and Herzliya. Lev is our baby, 31 years old, living in Netanya. Aside from deliveries, he works as an advertiser and in gift branding. In his spare time, Lev enjoys water sports and is an avid lover of nature – a social activist for environmental issues.

Our fourth delivery person to the big city, on the south Tel Aviv- Jaffa route, is Netanel, father of Yair and Yehonatan, who comes to us from Modi’in Ilit. He works five days a week in deliveries, dedicating one of them to Chubeza…

Netanel: I love hearing the words “Yay! The vegetable person is here!” or “Yay! The box of surprises has arrived”! It is heartwarming to know that you make people happy with your deliveries, especially during the Corona season when the roads were devoid of cars and the streets bereft of people, and you know you were bringing food to clients who may not have ventured out to buy it themselves.

Our vegetables do a great job of growing and ripening in order to be ready for harvest and packing (and like good parents, we try to help by not interrupting them.) But all this beauty and goodness would be worthless without our excellent delivery staff bringing it straight home to you. It is truly not a given that we have been able to form such a responsible, intelligent, serious and joyful group. Their assistance and encouragement of each other, their patience with us when packing is delayed or they’re held up by tardy milk products or sprout delivery, or asked to unload half of the already-loaded boxes when we discover we forgot to add parsley… Their thoroughness in correcting inaccurate addresses or entry codes, or finding a magical solution to opening locked entrances. Their efforts to bring you the vegetables, enduring physical exertion, even at times of glitches or problems, and sometimes, as mentioned above, against all odds. Neither rain nor heat nor gloom of Corona stays these couriers from their duties, and in our name and yours we extend our full appreciation and thanks.

On a technical note – during corona days, some of you asked us how to leave a tip to your delivery person via credit card, and we finally came up with a solution. You can now add a tip to your deliveries on our order system page (under the vegetable boxes and fruits), and we will make sure to pass these on.

Best yet – greet them face to face with a good word and a smile. They deserve it!

May we have a good week, and happy harvest holiday!

Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Orin and the whole Chubeza team at the field and on the road


Tis the season of Fakus! We promise to write about this amazing vegetable, but in the meantime – for those of you who received Fakus instead of cucumbers – how to tell the difference between Fakus and zucchini: check its stipe (the part which was connected to the plant). If it is wide and starshaped like a zucchini, well… it’s a zucchini, while if its slight and willowy like a cucumber – say hi to your buddy, Fakus.


Monday: Zucchini, potatoes, carrots, beets, fakus/cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin/butternut squash/acorn squash, New Zealand spinach/Swiss chard/kale, parsley/ coriander/dill, lettuce, scallions/garlic.

Large box, in addition: Cabbage/celeriac, bell peppers/melon, yellow string beans.

FRUIT BOXES: Bananas, peaches, applesLarge box, in addition: Cherries

Wednesday: Zucchini, potatoes, carrots, beets, fakus/cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley/dill, lettuce, bell peppers/melon, scallions/garlic, yellow string beans/cherry tomatoes.

Large box, in addition: Pumpkin/acorn squash, New Zealand spinach/Swiss chard, coriander.

FRUIT BOXES: Bananas, peaches, apples/nectarinesLarge box, in addition: Cherries.