October 28th-30th 2019 – Let There Be Rain!

Message from the Izza Pziza Dairy

Dear Customers, As always, at the beginning of wintertime our goats gradually stop producing milk as they prepare for the upcoming whelping season. During this time, the variety of products we can supply becomes decreased. We will make certain to update you on what is and is not available in our present stock.

From the month of December, you are cordially invited to come visit us and see the newborn kids.

For any questions, phone us at 08-6192876.

Thank you for your understanding!


As autumn descends upon us, the Mitsasa team is delighted to announce the return of fresh  organic pear juice and truly delicious fresh apple juice (in 1 liter bottles). These two goodies join the delicious Mitsasa line of cider, jams and apple vinegar, all hand-produced in the Jerusalem Hills from the delectable fruits of the Kibbutz Tzuba orchards.

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The first rain reminds me
Of the rising summer dust.
The rain doesn’t remember the rain of yesteryear.
A year is a trained beast with no memories.
Soon you will again wear your harnesses,
Beautiful and embroidered, to hold
Sheer stockings: you
Mare and harnesser in one body.

The white panic of soft flesh
In the panic of a sudden vision
Of ancient saints.

Yehuda Amichai   Translated from the Hebrew by Barbara and Benjamin Harshav

As the first rain fell in our field on Sunday night, the thirsty earth lapped up approximately 15 mm of water, with a huge smile spreading across its face, and ours… What a delight to see the rain arrive just as  daylight saving time ended, at the close of Shabbat B’reshit which tells of the creation of the world, the separation of light and darkness, and the water on high and below, just as we were viewing a live show of water, light and a new beginning.

Though in days of old this kind of rain would have drenched the pilgrims on their long journey home, these days, when almost all vacationers have returned from their holiday travels (by car or plane), this timing for the first rain is perfect. Which is also a perfect opportunity to sum up our reflections on the past year, especially the rainy winter we were kindly granted.

As farmers, when we hope for rain we’re actually aiming towards a very specific target: Timely rain, i.e., not too early or late, not too heavy or too light, and evenly distributed, meaning not too close in succession or too stormy but not too sparse or too distant from the previous rain. Last winter’s rains fell in the proper quantity at the right time. Everything was perfectly balanced: with temperatures that were not too high or low, a balance was created in the quantity and timing of the pests that arrived as expected (we weren’t happy to greet them, but definitely understand that they are part of the field’s nature dance) and did not overstay their welcome.

The bountiful rainfalls presented a major challenge: the field was drenched, and some of the crops “choked” on the excess water in the earth that blocked the oxygen and ventilation to the roots. Our potatoes suffered damage from the dampness, while almost all the plants grappled with the wintery cold and frequent rains which hindered their growth. We field laborers were also challenged by the wet, frigid weather as our feet sunk in the mud and the damp body under our raincoats had to be in constant movement in order to warm up. Our favorite days were when we got to work in the growth tunnels…

However… After-the-winter is basically the time of the agricultural field’s pregnancy, culminating in the birth of one the most joyful spring seasons in the annals of Chubeza. This spring’s yields were lush, vigorous and healthy, the likes of which we don’t often see, marked by a bounty of excellent vegetables from the invigorated earth. The melons and watermelons were wonderful and their plants were almost completely intact, unfettered by the common spring leaf diseases we are used to encountering. Overall, Chubeza’s spring field yielded quantities more abundant than ever. Such a tasty, sweet and juicy experience! The sweet potatoes, too, planted in springtime on lively and joyful microbes partying in the soil, grew into a dense green carpet now yielding plentiful amounts of big, healthy, beautiful roots.

The summer that followed was also outstanding. Although the field got mighty hot, after such a remarkable winter and spring, the heat was bearable, understandable and more possible to accept. The summer yield, too, grew well with fewer problems than usual. The peppers were hardly damaged, the eggplants grew huge, handsome-looking bushes, and the lubia effortlessly climbed the trellises and yielded a bounty of green pods. A field day for plentiful, good-quality produce that continues through the autumn crops being harvested as we write.

Thank you, Lavie, for these beautiful pictures of our field at the start of autumn.

And now, facing a new winter, we fervently hope that last year’s winter was not a fluke but rather the beginning of a return to balance and to blessedly rainy years.

Wishing everyone a year of renewal, growth, deep breaths of clean air, the joy of bloom, the wonder of blossom, the sweetness of fertility and the maturity of ripening.

May the crucial cycle of balance return to habitants of Israel and the world. May you enjoy a good weekend and an easy return to the blessed routine!

Alon, Bat Ami, Dror, Orin, Yochai and all the Chubeza team



Monday: Swiss chard/New Zealand spinach/kale, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes/Jerusalem artichokes, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, lubia Thai yard-long beans/okra/Iraqi lubia, slice of pumpkin, parsley/coriander/dill, lettuce, beets/kohlrabi. Free gift: mizuna/arugula/tot soi.

Large box, in addition:  Cauliflower/cabbage, carrots/leeks, turnips/daikon/baby radishes.

FRUIT BOXES: Pomegranate, avocado, persimmons. Small boxes, in addition: Red pomelos/oranges. Large boxes, in addition: Green apples

Wednesday: Swiss chard/New Zealand spinach/kale, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes/Jerusalem artichokes, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes/cherry tomatoes, cauliflower/cabbage, slice of pumpkin, arugula/parsley/coriander, lettuce, beets. Free gift: mizuna.

Large box, in addition:  Lubia Thai yard-long beans/okra/Iraqi lubia, carrots, turnips/daikon/baby radishes.

FRUIT BOXES: Red pomelos/oranges, avocado, persimmons. Small boxes, in addition: Pomegranate. Large boxes, in addition: Green apples.