Thank you for coming to the Open Day! And now it’s… back to normal!

Happy Acharei Hachagim,

Here at Chubeza, we’re hard at work on a long to-do list of tasks and infinite farming demands. Those of you who visited us on the Sukkot Open Day at Chubeza got a firsthand glimpse at the urgent need for weeding the field. And now it’s finally time to get around to doing that, along with a multitude of autumn seedings and plantings.

We loved hosting and celebrating with you at the Open Day. Thank you for coming! Our daily work on the field is always action-packed, moving from one mission to another, and the Open Day allows us to stop, meet and chat, give you a tour of the field, tell you stories, answer questions and introduce you to the vegetables that call Chubeza their home.

Thank you for coming time and again, introducing yourselves in person, asking questions, showing interest and excitement over the fieldwork, and allowing us to see the beauty of the field through your loving eyes as well. It is our great pleasure (our= the field and us) to receive your compliments on the beauty and flavor of our vegetables. Blushing with pride, we are pleased to see our protegee grow up to be such a source of joy.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped make the Open Day a wonderful success:

*To the Hazel Hill String Band, who delighted us with marvelous music this year as well. The unique connection between the outstanding musicians and the field creates music that fills the heart and helps it soar.

To Neta and Shachar, Bat-Ami’s daughters, and to Bat-Ami’s parents, who in perfect multi-generational timing took up their posts at the Arts & Crafts corners, demonstrating and helping to make beautiful creations out of natural material.

To Gabi, the champion, who rigged up a genuine carriage upon which he transported endless rounds of passengers back and forth to the field, delighting groups of excited kids (and their no-less happy parents) each time anew. These deluxe Chubeza Cart Tours definitely upgraded the day, and were a welcome boon to the crazy autumn heat.

To our extraordinary workers, who toiled before, during and after the Open Day, for erecting the giant shaded structure, organizing the bonfire corner, hanging the directional signs, harvesting vegetables for sale, slicing salad vegetables, preparing dough, baking pittot, transporting equipment to and fro, setting up the activity corners and the Chubeza produce market, and the thousand other small tasks that come with this day. And all this with a shining countenance and a constant willingness to think outside the box and initiate. Truly, we couldn’t have done one iota of this without you Mohammed, Majdi, Ali, Hot, Thom, Montry, Vinai, Nufadol, Yuval, Daphna and Assaf!

To Ofri and Amir from The Mitsasa and Melissa from Mipri Yadeha who were present throughout the day with food and drink stands, all of which reflect their healthy, tasty and wonderfully special homegrown establishments fueled by manual labor of the finest degree.

Last but not least, thanks to all of you, our dear partners along the way, who came once again or for the first time to the Open Day, and as always complimented, suggested new ideas, asked sophisticated questions, and shared your own stories. It is a great pleasure to meet new and familiar faces, to hear actual voices after so much digital communication, to nosh away at a fresh, yummy salad, and to chat amicably. By virtue of your high spirits and continued support, you and others like you make Chubeza’s existence possible. For that, our hearts are filled with thanks!

Best wishes to all for an easy Return to Routine, and a joyous New Year!

Alon, Bat-Ami, Dror, Yochai, and the entire Chubeza team



TuesdaySwiss chard/spinach, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes/Jerusalem artichokes, eggplant/potatoes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes/tomatoes, lubia Thai yard-long beans, slice of pumpkin, parsley/coriander/dill, lettuce, mizuna/arugula/tot soi

Large box, in addition: Beets, lubia//okra, leeks.

FRUIT BOXES: Avocado, mango. Small boxes, in addition: Bananas, pomelos. Small boxes, in addition: Persimmons, green apples

Wednesday: Swiss chard/spinach/kale, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes/Jerusalem artichokes, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, lubia Thai yard-long beans/Iraqi lubia//okra, slice of pumpkin, parsley/coriander/dill, lettuce, mizuna/arugula/tot soi

Large box, in addition: Beets, leeks/cauliflower/onions, small radishes/turnips.

FRUIT BOXES: Avocado, mango. Small boxes, in addition: Bananas, pomelos/oranges/clementinot. Small boxes, in addition: Persimmons, green apples.